‘She Tried to Charge Me $10 for This Gas Station Selfie’: Rapper Khia Gets Dragged for Charging Fans Money to Take Pictures with Her

Several big-name celebrities are known to charge their fans for autographs or to take photographs, making big money with each snap. Sources have reported “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown charges her fans $50 for a picture.

Andrew Lincoln from “The Walking Dead” sells flicks with him for $70 a pop. Both of those numbers pale compared to A-lister Sylvester Stallone, who reportedly charges anywhere from $395 to $1,000 for an autograph and almost $500 for a picture.

And then there is Khia, the female rapper behind the 2002 hit song “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” who charges her fans in Atlanta $5 to $10 to snap a photo with her.

"My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" rapper Khia dragged for charging fans fees to take a photo.
“My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” rapper Khia dragged for charging fans fees to take a photo. (Photo: @mskhiathugmisses/Instagram)

The chart-topper has been doing it for years, but people are taking to social media and dragging her for beefing with rising star Sexyy Red. The consensus is not that she is such a big star that she has to charge people to discourage people from asking her to take a photo, but that she needs the money because she is broke.

The “Pound Town” rapper lashed out at the O.G., who once worked with Janet Jackson on the song “So Excited,” for what she considered to be Khia coming against her over not-so-clean song lyrics.

She tweeted, “Khia will get dem ol bones dragged in real life but she don’t got enough money to b in the same room as me.”

Watch the Full Video Here.

Fans immediately started flooding the X platform to talk about Khia selling her selfies and how broke they thought she was.

One person responded to Sexxy Red, writing, “Lady tried to charge me $5 to take a pic one time.. I said damn OG.”

Another person had a similar story, but told of a slightly higher price.

“She tried to charge me $10 for this gas station selfie in Atlanta & I was like, no ma’am,” the person wrote. “Then she cursed me out, called me broke & tossed her new mixtape at me & then drove off in a minivan with her face on it.”

Another X user could not believe people were so shocked about Khia’s small hustle.

“Oh y’all didn’t know Khia charge for pics? That’s been a known thing in Atlanta for a long time. That’s why you never see fan photos,” he tweeted in surprise.

A deep dive on social media shows her charging people for snapshots over a decade ago.

“Khia is at the hair show trying to charge $10 to take a pic! Ni##a please!” someone wrote in 2012.

In the past as well, people could not believe that she was charging anyone for photos.

In other Khia news, the rapper turned 47 today.

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