The Airbnb My Besties and I Rented Was Trashed By Co-Workers of One of My Friends. My Friend’s Response About Who Should be Responsible for the Damages Was Surprising.

Two of my friends and I decided to put our money together to throw a Halloween party. I was in charge of the Airbnb rental, which I didn’t mind because I have an active account with Airbnb and plenty of good reviews. I pooled our money and put down a deposit on a five-bedroom house with a swimming pool and game room — perfect for the type of party we were having.

Friends partying and having a good time.
Friends partying and having a good time. (Pexels)

The day of the party came and I was a little concerned about the number of people that showed up, as it slightly exceeded the Airbnb maximum limit. Things went off without a hitch, but then became a bit wild at certain points. I noticed three guests in particular who were being careless and somewhat destructive. They happened to be co-workers of one of my friends. I asked her to put a bug in their ear that they needed to calm down, but that didn’t seem to happen.

At the end of the night, I saw that one of the bedrooms and two of the bathrooms were completely trashed. There was food and other debris in the pool and the billiards table was left with a massive stain on it. The friends that threw the party with me were too drunk to care, and I knew I’d be left alone to focus on how this was going to be handled.

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The next day when everyone was sober and levelheaded, I sent a group text outlining the damage and the costs associated with it.

My friend’s response was surprising. She said she did not feel she is responsible for the damages just because her co-workers are the culprits. I reminded my friend that she never talked to her co-workers about calming down and getting their bad behavior under control. She blew it off and said that it was a party, and everyone was there to have a good time. My other friend is remaining silent on the topic altogether, but did say she’s not paying for damages she didn’t personally make.

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Who should be responsible and foot the bill for the damage to the Airbnb?

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