My Son Finally Confirmed Paternity, and Now We Want Our Money Back!

I wasn’t planning on grandchildren for at least another five years, but my son came home at age 22 and informed me that he was going to be a father. I am not a fan of his girlfriend at all; there is just something about her that makes me not trust her. I tried to communicate this to my son, but he is blinded by her beauty, among other things, and has never been able to hear what I have to say about her.

Now that the baby has arrived, my son truly has blinders on. He is so in love with his baby boy that the idea of getting a paternity test seems pointless to him. I told him that he should get it just to remove all doubt that the baby might not be his. They have had plenty of heated arguments while she was pregnant, and she is guilty of spewing comments about the baby not being his. My son assures me that she only has said those things out of anger and that the baby is most certainly his.

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I had my concerns about the baby’s complexion and even his little features. In my heart of hearts, I didn’t think it was my grandchild. My son finally agreed to get the paternity test done last week, to my surprise. The results confirmed my suspicion. She was cheating on my son and got pregnant by another man. My son is beside himself with anger and humiliation and cannot believe she would go to such lengths to actually lie about something so serious.

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I told my son that he needs to be reimbursed for any and all monies he spent on her prenatal care. I personally want the money back for what we spent on throwing her a baby shower and on big-ticket items we bought, like the car seat, crib, and pack-and-play. My son is emotionally scarred and can’t think straight right now, so it is my job to make sure he is asking for the right things. Is it petty to demand money back for what my son and I spent on a child that’s not his?

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