‘I’m Just In Shock!’:Chaos Erupts on School Bus As Two Florida Moms Tussle Over a Toy While Children ‘Cower In Fear’

Two Florida moms have made headlines after acting like children on their kids’ school bus. The mothers got into a physical fight over a dispute their young ones were having over a toy.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was called after the disturbance got out of hand. One of the Mills Creek Elementary School bus drivers was dropping students off along his usual route when a pair of schoolmates started arguing as they approached the Heritage Park Apartment complex in Kissimmee, Florida.

Chaos Erupts on School Bus As Two Florida Moms Tussle Over a Toy While Children 'Cower In Fea
Video screen grab from fight on Florida school bus

As the bus pulled up to the stop on Parkland Circle and U.S. 192, the parents could hear the youngsters going back and forth. Instead of de-escalating the conflict between the children, the video shows the two moms taking it to the next level, forcing their way onto the bus to where the kids are seated.

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The clip shows the women, whom authorities have not named, throwing fists at each other and boxing each other in the aisle and then later on the blue seats. The students scream loudly, with one child saying, “Mommy, no!”

A bus attendant was seen making the students get out of the way and move toward the back of the bus. At the same time, the bus driver and another adult attempted to separate the women. The fight was brutal, with footage showing one of the “ladies” being placed in a headlock.

The altercation lasted for approximately 15 minutes.


A deputy report stated that “the parents of the two students took it upon themselves to insert themselves into a harmless dispute between children and made it about themselves turning the innocent dispute into a violent physical altercation that made both the children and staff members on board the school bus run towards the back of the bus and cower in fear,” officers wrote in the incident report, according to Mercedsunstar.com.

Other adults were shocked at the behavior the mothers displayed in front of the students.

“Wow, the parents actually got inside the bus to actually fight in front of the children,” said Elizabeth Ortega, who had a child on the bus, in an interview with WFTV 9.

“I’m just in shock that it was in front of kids. And the kids, screaming. Sad,” Lumarryn Sanchez, an Osceola County resident, said.

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According to the Osceola School District, the parents should have never gotten on the bus. In a statement, the district said there are rules that prohibit nonauthorized adults from boarding buses and further stressed the “importance of respecting the boundaries of our school buses.”

“Unauthorized entry onto a school bus can pose various risks, including interference with the bus driver’s duties, disruption to other students, and potential safety hazards,” the statement continued, adding that the policy is that if someone does enter the bus, “without the consent of the driver,” the sheriff will be contacted and the offender “will be subject to trespass and prosecution.”

The sheriff’s office stated that there was probable cause to arrest both parents. However, it remains unconfirmed whether they have been arrested and charged by the deputies.

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