‘I Fight Kids. I’ll Fight You!’: LAPD Arrest Woman Weeks After Video Surfaces of Unprovoked Attack of Defenseless 13-Year-Old Girl In a McDonald’s

An arrest has been made in the McDonald’s assault case of a minor that made headlines in early September. The Los Angeles Police Department received numerous tips from the outraged public after the video of a grown woman brutally attacking a California teen went viral.

3-year-old California girl attacked in McDonald's
Kassidy Jones was attacked by an adult stranger in a Los Angeles McDonald’s on Sept. 6, 2023. (Photos: Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube screenshot)

Thirteen-year-old Kassidy Jones was leaving school on Wednesday, Sept. 6, and stopped at a McDonald’s on Lomita Boulevard in Harbor City to go to the bathroom and pick up something to eat. When she left the restroom, the older woman locked in on her and said the teen was aggressively looking at her.

“‘What the F are you looking at? I fight kids. I’ll fight you!’” Kassidy said the woman kept saying.

Within minutes, the adult attacked the girl, punching her in the face and tossing her around the fast-food restaurant. The violent incident was captured on video by those who gathered and watched but did not intervene.

Watch the video here.

The video not only showed the brutal beatdown but also provided a clear view of the woman’s face, which ultimately led authorities to identify her as Ariana Lauifi.

“It was totally unprovoked,” the teen said. “I don’t know her. I didn’t say anything to her.”

The owner of the McDonald’s, Tawnie Blade, told FOX 11 that she and her team” were horrified to learn about this violent attack.”

“Employees called police when the fight began, and we’re continuing to work closely with local law enforcement to help with their investigation,” Blade added around the time of the incident, saying her thoughts are with the girl and her family.

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Lauifi was arrested on Thursday, Sept. 28, and now faces charges of felony child abuse according to the Los Angeles Police Department and jail records.

She is currently being held in custody in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

Kassidy’s family released a statement on the arrest.

“The family of Kassidy Jones are extremely grateful that the LAPD has made an arrest of the woman who viciously beat Kassidy in an unprovoked attack as McDonald’s managers and on-lookers offered no help in stopping the assault,” the statement read according to KTLA.

“Kassidy is still traumatized and undergoing therapy,” the statement continued. “But hopefully, this news will give her encouragement that justice will be served. Kassidy deserves a break today.”

Officials investigated the assault for three weeks and though Lauifi has been booked, she has not been formally charged. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is expected to make that decision shortly.

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