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He Doesn’t Want His Name To Be Mentioned’: LeBron James Confronts PA Announcer at Bronny’s Game After Announcer Makes Comment About His Son Getting Favorable Foul Calls

There’s one thing LeBron James does not play about … his children.

Over the weekend, James confronted the public address announcer at his son’s game after he made a comment about James’ presence at the game. James’ older son Bronny James played for his Strive For Greatness AAU team against the Wildcat Select team in a gym named after James at his alma mater in Akron, Ohio, and the Los Angeles Lakers forward and his wife Savannah James attended for support.

LeBron James and his son LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. (Photo: @lebronjames/Instagram)

It was not caught in the video, but at some point during the July 3 game, a PA announcer insinuated that Bronny, 16, was getting favorable foul calls because James was there, and James did not appreciate the comment. Although it’s not clear what James was saying in the video because he was too far away, it was definitely obvious that James was visibly upset.

James even walks over to the announcer, and they exchange a few words before he goes back and takes his seat next to his wife.

As the video continues, the commentators explain that “LeBron took offense to the announcer saying that [Bronny’s] going to get those calls in his gym.” Adding that “He doesn’t want his name to be mentioned while they’re competing,” the commentator continued, “As a parent, if I’m watching my daughter play and she’s competing I don’t want you to mention my name. Just allow her to compete.”

Fans and critics debated whether James’ actions on the sideline at the game — where Bronny led his team with 16 points in 73-69 overtime loss — were appropriate. One critic said, “Maybe go and support his son, without bringing along his celebrity crew or acting like a coach, but as a regular fan/supporter?!”

Another wrote, “Wants it to be about Bronny, but also causes a scene in front of the whole gym. Okay.”

People who understood James’ response commented in support on Twitter. “Y’all forget to realize it’s not about the game, that’s his son. Lebron is allowed to have human feelings just like everybody else. I wouldn’t let a adult talk to my teenage son like that in ANY setting,” wrote one supporter.

Someone else wrote, “I’m going to be real, Lebron did the right thing, I would’ve probably waited until after the game though.”

This is not the first time the four-time NBA MVP’s behavior at Bronny’s games has been grist for the social media mill. Some believe he is too animated and has had distracting moments while Bronny is playing. Others feel James is just an exciting dad who is dedicated to being in his children’s lives. James and Savannah are also the parents of Bryce Maximus James, 14, and Zhuri James, 6.

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