‘Where Is This Baby’s Money?’: Fans Demand Nationwide Insurance Company Pay Erica Campbell’s Daughter for Using Her Rendition of Their Famous Jingle

Fans are insisting that Erica Campbell’s daughter, Zaya Campbell, receive what they consider to be a well-deserved check from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, after the youngster’s rendition of their jingle became a now-viral TikTok sound. 

Nearly six years ago, the “Mary Mary” vocalist and Zaya went viral for capturing their revival of the catchy phrase in a video that is still circulating online today. In the clip, Zaya took her mother to church as she put a gospel-like spin on Nationwide’s iconic saying, “Nationwide is on your side.” 

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Fans call out Nationwide Insurance Company for marketing off of Erica Campbell's daughter's rendition to their jingle.
Fans call out Nationwide Insurance Company for marketing off of Erica Campbell’s daughter’s rendition to their jingle. (Pictured: @iamericacampbell/Instagram)

The sound has now been used all over TikTok and on various social media platforms. Many individuals also have attempted to recreate Zaya’s version, sharing the final outcome on their respective pages. 

The impact of Zaya, who reportedly was five at the time, even caused the insurance company to put her rendition in their Instagram bio. “New bio,” the brand wrote in a post. 

The act was soon caught by a social media user who shared the news to an individual X account, writing, “We are the culture.” 

It wasn’t long before other X users began demanding that Nationwide pay Zaya for what they see as profiting off her rendition.  

“They better run the Campbell’s a CHECK.” 

PAY THAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“We are being exploited. Where is this baby’s money?”

“She needs a commercial.” 

Watch the Full Video Here.

X users aren’t the only ones begging Nationwide to collaborate with the now-11-year-old for any potential projects, as many Instagram users also have tagged the company underneath a few of her mother’s posts. 

One of Campbell’s most recent posts featured her large choir taking on the jingle while they were seemingly at choir practice on Sunday, Oct. 8. “WE HAD TO DO IT!!! 2 WEEKS AWAY them spots gonna be gone like real soon.. link in bio.  #nationwide @nationwide @imericacampbell we love you Zaya!!!” she penned. 

Last month, the gospel legend uploaded another video of Zaya and her son, Wozy Campbell, lip-synching the popular tune. 

“We decided to join the fun and do a sequel starring Wozy and Zaya!! @nationwide,” her caption read. While there has been hearsay from fans suggesting that Nationwide did slide Zaya a check for using her lyrics, nothing publicly has been confirmed.

As for their mother: Erica Campbell recently released her newest album, “I LOVE YOU,” which acts as her first project since 2015. 

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