IG Model Claims Dolphins Cornerback Xavien Howard Is a ‘Minute Man’ and Alleges He Has Four Women Pregnant at the Same Time

It is Week 5 of the NFL season, and former all-pro cornerback Xavien Howard should be worried about his future wide receiver matchups and making the Miami Dolphins the best defense in the AFC East. Instead, it looks like Howard will be making multiple trips to the maternity ward in a short amount of time. 

One woman allegedly claims that she and at least two other women she knows of are pregnant with the 30-year-old’s babies at the same time.

Howard and His Fiancée 

Howard was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Keeli Long. It is not known when Howard and Long first met, but the relationship is likely to have started before 2015 because that is when their first daughter, Ava, was born. The pair have two other kids, a girl named Skyler and a 4-year-old boy named Xavien Jr.

NFL player Xavien Howard's checkered history with women comes to light after a woman accuses him of having at least 3 women pregnant at the same time.
NFL player Xavien Howard’s checkered history with women comes to light after a woman accuses him of having at least three women pregnant at once. (Photo: @iamxavienhoward/Instagram)

It is unknown when he asked Long to marry, but the pair have been engaged for a while. The couple never got married, and it is unsure if they ever will.`

Howard and His Domestic Battery Arrest   

Back in December 2019, Howard was recovering from a knee injury at home when it is alleged he and Long got into a heated argument over purchasing a handbag. Howard allegedly grabbed Long by the arm and pushed her into a mirrored glass wall. Long then fell to the floor, hitting her arm on one of the crutches Howard was using at the time.  

Long suffered scratches and redness on her injured arm. Howard was arrested but later posted bond the next day. Howard suffered no real consequences from his actions, as his fiancée decided against pressing charges, saying that everything just “got out of hand.” It is unclear if the pair are still together. 

Howard and His Alleged Kids’ Mothers

Howard is not moving like a taken man, as he was exposed by an online content creator for allegedly getting her pregnant. The OnlyFans model, who goes by Tai, claims Howard “has a fetish in getting women pregnant,” as she states that she is not the only woman expecting a child from him.  

In an Instagram post that tells all, Tai posted a picture and a clip of the pair in a strip club together, followed by multiple texts between her and Howard, and her and another woman who claims she is pregnant. In the caption, she claims that she and Howard had relations and that the star cornerback told her that he wanted to have a baby with her, and the text backs that up. 

Tai said that that all changed when she got pregnant. In another text, there is a picture of an ultrasound, and the reply says, “Get abortion.” The text that is allegedly from Howard then shows a screenshot of a different conversation where a different woman texts Howard telling him to tell Tai to get an abortion. 

It gets even crazier when a third woman DMs Tai on Instagram, telling her that there are at least “4 whole babies on the way.” Howard has not commented on the allegations at this time 

Tai, since then, has proceeded to bash Howard on an episode “Unwine with Tasha K,” where she said that the cornerback wasn’t “well endowed.” She called Howard “average” and said that he was a “minute man.”

Tai also clarified that Howard has three kids from his ex-fiancée, one from his ex-girlfriend, and one from the woman who DMed her. She also claims that the woman is expecting another one of his children, along with Tai and another woman who is also pregnant at the time.

Howard and Revenge Porn

This is not the first time that a woman has come out with allegations against Howard this year. Just last month, Howard was accused of distributing revenge porn by an anonymous woman.

The unidentified woman claims she and Howard had a sexual relationship in 2022. Following that, she was contacted by multiple other women telling her that the football player was sending out pictures and videos of them. 

The woman claims that she did not know/consent to being on camera and that Howard acted improperly “to make her mad because she didn’t want to have sex with him.” She is suing Howard for “compensation of over $50,000 for the invasion of privacy.” 

Howard fully denies these claims. His lawyer, Brad Sohn, told Fox Sports 640 reporter Andy Slater the lawsuit was a “dead loser.”   

Sohn continued, “We will be seeking dismissal on several legal deficiencies on Monday, but in terms of the substance of the case, there is just no merit to it.” 

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