‘Her Death Just Triggered Some Old Emotions’: Attorney Faces Backlash for Exposing Dianne Feinstein’s Failure to Provide Recommendation Letter After Unpaid Internship

X user, Monica A. Brown, took to a social media platform to blast the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Brown mentioned that 14 to 15 years ago, she interned in Sen. Feinstein’s Capitol Hill office for six months without receiving any intern stipend or financial support.

Attorney Faces Backlash for Exposing Dianne Feinstein's Failure to Provide Recommendation Letter After Unpaid Internship
Monica A. Brown (@BlackBernieBabe/X)

The former intern, also known as @BlackBernieBabe, who is now working as a patent trademark lawyer, stated that she worked without compensation, expecting to receive a recommendation letter for law school. However, neither Feinstein nor anyone in her office fulfilled this agreement, despite the young woman’s year-long pursuit of it.”

According to Brown, it wasn’t all bad working for the California Democrat. She said she “saw first hand “how differently the Senator treated corporate lobbyists compared to her constituents,” which planted a seed in her and how she deals with people.

Many on social media thought it was distasteful for her to put out a negative story about the senator so close to her death last week. But Brown was secure in her truth, saying, “Her death just triggered some old emotions, and I appreciate u all letting me vent.”

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One person, who called her decision “tacky,” said that perhaps she didn’t write a recommendation because she didn’t want to give a “negative review.”

“Ok, then tell me that,” the woman replied. “Do NOT make me put my law school application process on hold for an entire year waiting for you to hold up your end of the bargain.”

“Further, it’s tacky to make your interns pay $1500 a month in rent with no income only to stiff them in the end.”

Upon hearing about how she was allegedly treated by Feinstein, one person tweeted, “Wow, the fact that you worked that long without pay and couldn’t even get a letter of recommendation is just INSANE!”

Not everyone focused on her free labor. People were split on her decision to speak negatively about Feinstein. Commenters called her choice of words “cruel.”

“You know what I sympathize with how you feel and this post would of been ok with your experience. Where you lost me was “I hope she’s in the place she deserves to be,” one person tweeted.

Another replied, “That’s a Very Cruel thing to Say! Regardless what this human being didn’t do. With that being said, I’m glad that you’re a Patent Lawyer and not a lawyer for the people.”

Some took issue with her timing. Commenters attacked her, challenging if she was there for six months or a year.

“I got the job through my school. I spent a COLLEGE year there, two semesters. A college year is about 6-7 months give or take,” Brown answered those concerns.

Many were concerned about how she went about asking for the recommendation.

“She had an intern specific staff member,” Brown recalled. “Who she coordinated with. Then (she) left after I left. The new girl said she would help us.”

“No one ever did,” she concluded.

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