‘You’re Not a Rapper’: Omar Gooding Claims Tyrese’s Public Cries for ‘Attention’ Are What Led to Online Criticism and His Recent Beef with DJ Envy

Singer-turned-actor Tyrese has been in the headlines a lot lately, which has become too much for some to endure.

Most are about his breakup with his ex-wife, Samantha Lee, and the child support he has been ordered to pay for their small daughter, Soraya. But another reason fans are seeing the “Baby Boy” star lash out is due to his recent fallout with DJ Envy from “The Breakfast Club.”

The two have a complex history, and when Envy publicly revealed that he cheated on his wife, Gia Casey, it put their relationship in shambles, and nearly divorce. Tyrese threw on his Superman cape and came to their rescue with his velvety voice and wise counsel.

Tyrese Gibson calls out DJ Envy after he's accused of disrespecting Envy's wife.
Tyrese Gibson calls out DJ Envy after he’s accused of disrespecting Envy’s wife. (L) Tyrese Gibson (Pictured: @tyrese/Instagram) (R) DJ Envy and Gia Casey (Pictured: @gia_casey/ Instagram)

The “Sweet Lady” artist expected the radio host to do the same during his divorce and not joke about it for his audience.

During a visit to the show, things got testy after Envy explained that he didn’t have Tyrese’s back during his very public breakup with Lee because he believed his former friend disrespected his wife Gia by sending her flirtatious text messages.

This sparked an ongoing back-and-forth between the two about the validity of both of their claims. But social media users seem to have had enough, blasting Tyrese for always airing his business out in public.

One such critic is his “Baby Boy” co-star Omar Gooding, who believes that some of the backlash is because Tyrese might not have the “tools” to express himself properly.

During an interview on the Comedy Hype News platform, Gooding weighed in on his complicated friendship with Tyrese and his assessment of why he lets so many people in his business.

“It’s one of those things where if you’re worried about the criticism, don’t post,” he said, combining Tyrese’s situation with another one of his friends.

He continued, “Like, let’s keep it to yourself.”

“A lot of it for me is a cry for attention,”  Gooding said, adding, “It’s [also] a cry for help. … You might not have the right people around …  You don’t have a team. You obviously don’t have a support system.”

He said the way he deals with things is by going to God in prayer and asking God to “quiet” himself so that he can come to the right solution or right answer.

He also said that there are certain circumstances where he understands someone doing it if it is “a publicity thing.”

“If you’re not a rapper selling an album … then I don’t think you should be in your business out there,” he stated. Gooding also said another exception to this rule is if the celebrity has been “caught on tape.”

“You have to defend, sure, but if you’re putting it out there, then you’re gonna have to accept what comes back,” he warned.

Gooding, whose family has been in entertainment for years, says Tyrese is into public sharing but might also be using this as an avenue to promote his new project.

Tagging the comment with one caveat: he doesn’t know him well enough to say.

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