‘I’m The Ticket Guy Now?’: Memphis Bleek Says Even He Had Trouble Getting Beyoncé Tickets, Had to Call in a Favor from Jay-Z

Fans weren’t the only ones who had trouble scoring tickets to Beyoncé’s record-breaking “Renaissance World Tour.”

During a recent episode of “Drink Champs,” Roc-A-Fella Records recording artist Memphis Bleek shared a hilarious story of how he had to go through his former mentor Jay Z to get tickets for his wife’s birthday. 

“For me to get Beyoncé tickets was a problem,” the rapper told the “Drink Champs” crew. 

Memphis Bleek tells Drink Champs the story of how Jay Z responded to his Beyonce ticket request.
Memphis Bleek tells “Drink Champs” the story of how Jay Z responded to his Beyoncé ticket request. (Photo: @memphisbleek/Instagram)

“My wife hit me like, ‘Yo, you know she in Philly on my birthday?’ I’m like, ‘Aight cool. What that got to do with me?’ ” Bleek joked.

The 45-year-old rapper said he had to “hold it down” for his wife’s birthday, comparing getting Beyoncé tickets to going to war.

He continued, “So I hit all the top dogs. I ain’t even gon’ say no names, all the bosses. All of them said ‘Yo Bleek, you buggin’? You know you gotta hit Jay.’ ”

Though he did not want to have to use his association to get the tickets, Memphis Bleek reluctantly went directly to the Roc Nation founder himself.

“I tried not to, but now I gotta hit you. I got to. I tried to go around and save it, but now this message gotta go to you, like f—k it,” said Bleek. 

Bleek then recalled how his conversation with his Roc-A-Fella mentor went down.

“Yo big homie, I need some tickets for the show; it’s wifey b-day,” Bleek recalled saying to Jay-Z, to which Jay responded, “ Ah nah, n—-s tryna turn me to ticket guy now?” 

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This left the “Drink Champs” crew falling over themselves laughing. Social media users were just as amused by the story.

“Lol I just imagined in his voice,” one X user wrote.

“lmao jay probably had to ask bey too,” said another.  

Bleek even commented on the posted clip, saying, “Them B tix like asking for a Rollie.” 

Everything worked out in the end and it looks like Jay Z might actually be the “ticket guy” after all. Bleek posted a photo of him and the billion-dollar rap mogul at the Philadelphia stop of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” with the caption: “Better believe I got my tix!!” 

Their meet-up reignited the rumors of a Memphis Bleek-Jay Z collab project. In an interview with TMZ earlier this year, Bleek said that he was down for a collaborative album, but that he was not the one who needed convincing.  

Bleek joked with TMZ, saying, “Hov too far gone” and that he should have run the idea by the Roc Nation founder. Bleek added, “When you got a billion it’s hard to get you in the booth.” 


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