‘People Do Anything for Clout!: Storm Reid Responds After Atlanta Waitress Calls Out Her Dad for Allegedly Walking Out on His Tab at T.I.’s Trap City Cafe

Actress Storm Reid’s father, Rodney Reid, is under fire after he allegedly dined and dashed at T.I.’s Trap City Café restaurant.  

(L-R) Storm Reid poses on the red carpet with her sister, Iman, brother Josh, their father Rodney, Reid and sister, Paris.
(L-R) Storm Reid poses on the red carpet with her sister, Iman, brother Josh, their father Rodney, Reid and older sister, Paris. (Photo: @__jreid7/Instagram; @gettyimages)

In a series of recently released TikTok videos, a woman named Chinyere Aniagoh who worked at the Atlanta establishment claimed that Reid showed up at the restaurant on a date when the whole ordeal went down. 

Aniagoh starts the tale off by saying, “Around midnight he walks in with a beautiful woman. They sit down at the bar; she’s cool, she’s ordering food. He orders his usual, an old-fashioned, which I bring to him. Her food comes out. We’re talking; she thinks I’m funny. We’re having a good little time.”  

She continues, “He orders another round and then he’s trying to order drinks for other people.” The bartender adds, “Good thing I kept their own tab to themselves and we’re continuing the night. So, then my manager, you know, always puts a little discount on his tab ’cause we do appreciate the service.” 

Aniagoh follows that by saying, “Then he signals like this,” she said pointing, “like he’s about to leave. I’m like, ‘Hold on one second; you do have a tab.’ I present to him his tab. You guys, this man looks at his tab, sits it down, looks at me, and walks straight towards the door.” 

She adds, “I see him walk out the door, you guys. I run to my manager because I already know the place that I work. I tell my manager, ‘Hey, Stormi Reid’s father, he’s walking out the door.’ ”

Aniagoh then proceeds to say that Reid’s father and his companion got in a car and left. 

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Aniagoh says that she was blamed by her manager for Reid walking out and told that it was her responsibility. Aniagoh, who already said that she was ready to leave, claims she replied to her manager, saying, “I told y’all that he walked out; y’all let him leave…Okay because before I pay, Imma call the police because this man is a thief. He’s stealing from local establishments in Atlanta, Georgia.” 

Individuals in her comments section couldn’t believe that Reid just walked out, but they were more upset at the Trap City Café manager.  

“But you told the manager! Why should YOU have to pay? Seems like you did the right thing. That’s WILD!!!!” 

“Your managers have some real audacity trying to put the blame at your feet! Absolutely NOT! Call the cops.” 

“All the places I have been to that opens tabs requires a credit card to be on file. The manager sounds sus.” 

After seeing remarks online about her father, the “Missing” actress shared a cryptic message on her Instagram story.

“Everything doesn’t deserve attention. If it doesn’t stop my bag or my happiness, why bother?” she began. “People are not cut from the same cloth as you. People do anything for clout!”

Storm continued, “They say the plan won’t grow if you don’t water it, so some of you weeds will never get an ounce or inch of attention from me.”

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The TikTok has 1.5M views and over 4,000 comments, with a large chunk of social media users asking for more details on the whole situation. In a highly requested part two of the video, Aniagoh revealed that she quit her job as a bartender at the restaurant, saying, “I was so over them at this point that that was literally the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  

She also said that after she threatened to call the police, her manager voided the entire check. She also called her former manager a “raging narcissist” and displayed a text that he sent her saying, “Then you involve the business,” with a picture of her first TikTok above it.

Neither Rodney Reid nor Trap City Café has commented on the allegations. 


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