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Report: ‘LHHATL’s Tresure Price Accused of Skipping Out On Bar Bill

You’ve probably heard of dining and dashing, well, former “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Tresure Price is accused of drinking and ditching.

According to a report, Price entered Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar in Atlanta on Wednesday, a little before 12:00 a.m. and ordered drinks for her party without paying. Robyn Brown, the general manager, then chased her in the parking lot, and Price is accused of trying to run her over as she fled.

People poked fun at reality star Tresure Price for allegedly skipping out on a bar bill. (Photo: @iamtresurep Instagram)

A copy of the receipt shows the bill came to $109.60 for 11 drinks, which consisted of rum punch, Hennessy, Ciroc Peach, Ciroc Apple and a Mojito.

The last time Price made headlines was in December 2018 when she was arrested for a DUI in Atlanta and threatened to sue. The reality star was also hit with a reckless driving charge, as well as failure to obey, because she allegedly drove for several blocks before pulling over.

But Price said she wasn’t intoxicated, and the officer came down on her just because she’s known from TV.

She also accused the officer of being rough with her. Because on the way to the station, Price said she hit her head on the car cage when the brakes were slammed.

After the news of the bar incident surfaced, people went on Price’s Instagram page and poked fun at her.

“All on Instagram flexing but can’t afford a 100 meal ticket okay sis,” someone wrote.

“And don’t forget she almost ran the waitress over running 🙄,” another person brought up.

“You might wanna go back to Harold’s and pay the tab that you skipped out on,” wrote another one of Price’s followers.

Plus, there was someone who said she shouldn’t have gone to the establishment if she couldn’t afford to pay the bill.

“What kind of friends you got but mine will tell me “if yeen got no money stay at home sis!” that person commented.

Police are now investigating the alleged incident.

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