‘Shaq Is Out Here Shaqing Again’: Shaquille O’Neal Paid a Tab Worth More Than $25,000 Following a Date with a Mystery Woman

Shaquille O’Neal proved that his heart is as big as his 7-foot-1 stature, or maybe a bit bigger after the star’s latest act.

The 50-year-old reportedly paid a tab worth over $25,000 while dining out with an unidentified woman. According to Page Six, the hefty bill included the dinners he purchased for the servers and everyone that attended the Jue Lan Club in New York City this past weekend.

?Shaq Is Out Here Shaqing Again?: Shaquille O?Neal Paid a Tab Worth More Than ,000 Following a Date with a Mystery Woman
Shaquille O’Neal reportedly paid a $25,000 tab during an outing with a mystery woman. (Photo: @shaq/Instagram)

A source told the outlet that O’Neal and the unnamed woman entered the restaurant around 8:30 p.m. and ordered their food as O’Neal referred to her as his date. Following their dinner, the sports analyst bought meals for all of the restaurant’s servers and its customers. 

Following O’Neal’s kind gesture, the source also claimed that he wanted the staff to keep the purchase a secret from the restaurant-goers until after he left the premises. It is reported that when O’Neal picked up the pricy tab, he paid for over 40 tables. 

The source wrapped up the conversation by saying that O’Neal was “extremely generous” to the staff and left the workers “the biggest tip.” 

As the story circulated online, many fans expressed that this isn’t the first time they had heard about O’Neal’s good deeds. One individual went as far as to point out that O’Neal has “a kind heart.”

“Shaq is out here Shaqing again! He’s always being great.”

“I love Shaq! Seems like he does nice things like this all the time.”

“I don’t think his act of kindness has anything to do with how much he enjoyed the date (not sayin that he didn’t) but Shaq ALWAYS paying for strangers and buying them stuff in stores. He just has a kind heart.”

“I always hear great stories about Shaq and his generosity. God is going to keep blessing him.”

Prior to the news of O’Neal picking up the restaurant bill, the former NBA player made headlines in May after giving away his Invicta watch to a fan. 

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