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‘Take the Polygraphs’: Omarion’s Brother Tells Former B2K Manager to Take Lie Detector Test Amid Raz B’s Ongoing Claims of Molestation

B2K band member Raz B is again ruffling feathers with his allegations of being molested by former manager Chris Stokes. For years, Raz B has publicly accused Stokes of taking advantage of him, though Stokes has vehemently denied the claims time and time again.

However, the singer says he is ready to be vindicated of public scrutiny and rumors of his sexuality. And the only way to achieve his freedom is for him and Stokes to both take polygraph tests.

Raz B suggests a polygraph test will vindicate him in the court of public judgment, and prove former manager Chris Stokes molested him as an adolescent. (Photo: @razb_b2k/Instagram)

In a video posted to IG, Raz B rants, “I’m tired of f****** being bullied, I’m a grown a** man I’m 35 years old, I’m not a little kid …I want to catch a fade. Y’all n—-s took my money, we already know, we know, Chris we know, we get it. But n—a this sh*t is over.”

A day later, the singer followed up with a second video suggesting the polygraph tests. He claims he has been ruined publicly, and that his testimony has been smeared.

“The truth stops the talk…let’s both take a lie detector test and make the results public. If you’re innocent then vindicate yourself,” wrote Raz B on social. He went on to say a polygraph test would prevent him from further posting about the allegations.

His post was met with support from those who believe there is truth to his claims.

“Stand up for yourself bro.”

“Speak your Truth🙏🏾 WE BELIEVE &SUPPORT YOU💯🙏🏾”

“Tell your story Raz and don’t let nobody shame you!”

Stokes, however, has not been as fortunate. When Stokes commented on a photo posted by Omarion’s brother, O’Ryan, he was met with a cheeky response: “TAKE THE POLYGRAPHS.”

Singer O’Ryan advised Chris Stokes to concur with Raz B by taking polygraph tests to reveal what really transpired between the two. (Photo: @0ryan0ryan/Instagram)

Stokes deleted the comment, but not before the public offered commentary.

“Lmaooooo Chris thought he had a friend”

“That man not taking no polygraph because he’s guilty”

“We can just skip to the jail part *props chin on hands*”

“🤔 @chrisstokes1969 why you deleted your comment”

Stokes’ rebuttal to the public fonder was summed up in a single post to his IG: “People throw dirt on your name and get mad when flowers grow from it. SMH”

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