‘The Forgotten Child’: Nick Cannon Is Noticeably Absent from LaNisha Cole’s Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Their Daughter Onyx

LaNisha Cole and Nick Cannon have paid tribute to their daughter Onyx’s first birthday with separate posts on Instagram. 

The former “Deal or No Deal” model was the first to share her beautiful montage of clips on Thursday, Sept. 14. The heartfelt video documented Onyx’s transformation from a newborn to now. 

LaNisha Cole's birthday tribute to her and Nick Cannon's daughter included everything but him. (L) LaNisha Cole and Onyx
LaNisha Cole’s birthday tribute to her and Nick Cannon’s daughter included everything but him. (L) LaNisha Cole and Onyx (Pictured: @misslanishacole/Instagram) (R) Nick Cannon and Onyx (Pictured: @nickcannon/Instagram)

“And just like that my baby is a year old!! Onyx.. you are the joy of my life,” Cole penned.

She continued, “You light up my life in ways I never imagined. Some days it feels so surreal to see the little lady you’ve become. Your laugh and smile are the most beautiful things in the world to me.”

Adding to the heartfelt message, the 41-year-old wrote, “You are the sweetest, funniest, and the strongest little girl I know. How’d I get so lucky in life? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ll do everything in my power to be the best Mom to you! It’s you and me forever. Today we celebrate YOU my precious baby girl! Happy birthday Onyx!!” 

Cole’s boyfriend, Brian Paul Kuba, left a sweet message to baby Onyx, writing, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful baby in the entire Universe and God bless you my heart today –is both your days. I’m eternally grateful for you both and I promise I will always be kind and loving to you – always.”

The Hawaii native then wrote, “I never knew I could love two people so much … my life has forever changed because of you Onyx Ice and you as well my love Lanisha Dianne Cole … APIDTA.” 

Cole and Kuba have been romantically linked since last year. The earliest sighting of the couple was in April 2022, five months before Onyx was born.

Kuba can be spotted throughout Cole’s video either holding Onyx or close by the child. Her family was also seen with the child on their laps during parts of the upload, however, her child’s father, Nick Cannon, was nowhere in sight.

Though the “Wild ‘n Out” creator wasn’t included in Cole’s birthday post for Onyx, he made one of his own that featured a shot of him holding his 1-year-old daughter as they posed beside Minnie Mouse. 

“Happy 1st Birthday Onyx Ice Cole Cannon! Daddy loves you! Thanks for a great day @disneyland,” his caption read. It’s unclear if the father-daughter duo went to Disney on or before her actual before but his post followed a few hours behind Cole’s. 

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Onyx is one of Cannon’s 12 children and is also the one he forgot to mention when Howard Stern asked him to namedrop all of his kids.

Fans shared celebratory messages about how much the young girl resembles her father while others brought up that viral interview.

“She look just like u.”

“Why don’t you ever have all the kids together to celebrate their birthday,, that way they all bond and celebrate their special day together as siblings.”

“The forgotten child.”

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Cole seemingly responded to Cannon’s mistake hours after it went viral. She shared a photo of Onyx on her Instagram Story. Her post read, “I will do everything I can every single day to make sure she knows how special she is and how much I love and adore her.” 

The two celebrities shocked the world last September after announcing the birth of their daughter. In his post introducing Onyx to the world, Cannon instructed fans to direct negativity toward him instead of the professional photographer.

“I pray and ask others to please project all criticism and cynicism towards me and not the loving and precious mothers of my children,” a part of his caption read. 

It’s currently unclear what the relationship between Cannon and Cole is like, but neither one has appeared in each other’s posts since last year.


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