‘Did She Apologize to You for Bringing Up Your Child?’: Erica Mena Doubts Spice Will Ever ‘Have the Guts’ to Apologize for Her Part In Their Heated ‘Blue Monkey’ Argument

Erica Mena has publicly apologized for her “insensitive comment” that compared her “Love and Hip Hop” co-star, Spice, to a “blue money.” Spice is known for wearing various blue-colored wigs and hairstyles.

Though the reality star has voiced her regret for her actions, she doubts the Jamaican dancehall artist will do the same. 

Erica Mena calls Spice gutless after being asked if she thinks the Jamaican artist will apologize for bringing up her child
Erica Mena (left) calls Spice (right) gutless after being asked if she thinks the Jamaican artist will apologize for bringing up her child. (Photos: @ericamena/Instagram, @spiceofficial/Instagram)

The “Picture Me Dead” star’s racial remarks followed after the “So Mi Like It” singer accused Mena of being a bad mom to her eldest child, claiming the 16-year-old hates her. 

Mena’s son, King Javier Conde, is from a previous relationship with rapper Raul Conde. She also has two younger children; Safire and Legend, whom she shares with her ex-husband Safaree Samuels.

The two women’s heated exchange was a part of the episode that aired on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Since then, Mena has faced some serious repercussions for her actions, which include being terminated from the Atlanta franchise and getting fired from the next season of “HUSH.” Mena previously appeared in eight episodes of the ALLBLK series and portrayed the character Gina. 

All of her current losses have been publicized for the entire world to see and discuss, and now Mena is speaking out. 

The 35-year-old shared a reflective message on Instagram after two weeks of silence, expressing “regret” for her thoughtless comment. 

“I deeply regret my insensitive comment and want to humbly apologize to anybody hurt or offended by my thoughtlessness,” she wrote. “My choice of words was wrong, and I take full responsibility for what I said.”

Mena continued, “I am committed to listening to the voices of those affected and will work toward making amends. As a woman of color and the mother of two black children, I want to make it clear that my use of that word was not in any way racially driven.”

She finally closed, “That said, I do understand the gravity of what I said and want to use my platform to promote inclusivity and equality. Sincerely, Erica Mena.” 

Her comment section quickly filled with supportive messages from fans who suggested that Spice was also in the wrong for mentioning Mena’s son. 

“Call me old fashioned but I believe if a person brings up somebody child then there are no rules of language or arguing.”

“Mention my kids gloves come off!!!! I commend you for apologizing but she definitely owe you one as well!!”

One fan even asked Mena, “Did she apologize to you for bringing up your child ?” To which she replied, “She will never have the guts unfortunately.” 

Since the episode aired, Spice has spoken out numerous times about Mena’s remark via Instagram Live and through interviews.

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She recently had a conversation with Tamar Braxton on IG Live about the incident after the “Love & War” songstress seemingly sided with Mena while discussing the argument on “Dish Nation.” 

While those two ladies were able to mend any ill feelings they had toward each other, it does not look like Spice and Mena will be able to do the same anytime soon.

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