‘Erica Mena Is a White Latino Racist’: ’LHHATL’ Fans ‘Demand’ Erica Mena be Fired After Calling Spice a ‘Blue Monkey’ During Heated Argument

Erica Mena’s reckless mouth has landed her into some trouble with “Love and Hip Hop” fans after she spewed a racial slur at another castmate during a heated argument.

'LHH' fans say Erica Mena should 'be fired' after she called Spice a 'blue monkey' during an argument. (Photo: (L) @ericamena/Instagram, (R) @spiceofficial/Instagram)
‘LHH’ fans say Erica Mena should ‘be fired’ after she called Spice a ‘blue monkey’ during an argument. (Photo: (L) @ericamena/Instagram, (R) @spiceofficial/Instagram)

On the latest episode that aired Tuesday, Aug. 29, Mena sat down with Jamaican dancehall artist Grace Latoya Hamilton, better known as Spice. The meeting was set up by the duo’s mutual friend and co-star, Shekinah Anderson, and intended for Spice to share whatever information Safaree Samuels had told her. 

Mena and Samuels were married for nearly two years, and share two children together. The mother of three also has an older son from a previous relationship. Spice also has two children of her own with her ex-fiancé, Nicholas Lall. 

Clips of their interaction have been circulating all over social media. During the already tense conversation, Mena wondered why Samuels cried over Spice’s health scare after she had gotten surgery in the Dominican Republic, but didn’t get emotional over her divorce from Samuels. This caused Spice to ask Mena why she constantly compared their situations.

“Your friends and he felt that way; I was his wife and he felt nothing,” she explained. 

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In return, Spice told the “Picture Me Dead” actress that her and Samuels’ drama has nothing to do with her and called Mena out for complaining about being a single mom. The Grammy winner then suggested that she’s also a single parent, and has been one for 14 years. 

“Girl, I’ve been doing it for 16. Sixteen,” Mena said. Spice then claimed that Mena’s firstborn child allegedly disliked her.

Things quickly went left, voices heightened, and Mena flipped the table over at Spice, who quickly stood up and attempted to charge at her. They were then taken to different rooms to cool down. Anderson also could be seen trying to calm things down, to no avail. 

Mena’s rage intensified as she screamed, “That b—h should’ve died,” seemingly referring to Spice’s hospitalization overseas. 

The camera switched to the “So Mi Like It” artist, who yelled, “Your son hates you!” 

Mena then hurled out, “You monkey, you f—–g blue monkey!” 

Spice is often known for rocking various blue hairstyles throughout her time on “LHH.”

Anderson called out Mena’s statements in her confessional, stating “You have Jamaican children, would you like it if someone called your children monkeys?” 


The comments from Mena soon caused commotion on X, prompting social media users to criticize her for using racist slurs. 

“Erica Mena is a white latino racist cosplaying as black woman. To call THEE Spice BLACK & MONKEY then a BLUE to say she should’ve died? YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT COMES TO YOU!! EVERY SINGLE THING!! #LHHATL.” 

“Im deada–. Every black cast needs to stand their ground and refuse to film another scene until they walk this b—h off the set. Erica Mena is a racist f–k a– heaux.” 

“We need to demand that Erica Mena is fired for using racial slurs. If she made those comments about other ethnicities, she would be fired before the episode aired.” 

Wow. I’m appalled. Erica Mena just called Spice a monkey. She should absolutely be fired. That’s pure racism. This is that same s–t Evelyn did to OG on #BasketballWives Latinas always wanna be Black & say n—a then use their heritage as a weapon when it’s convenient. #LHHATL.” 

Spice called out Mena in an Instagram post that included two slides of Lil Scrappy and Stevie J bringing up the former video vixen’s oldest son on two different occasions. 

“Kids are off limits right ??????? But I guess it’s only when I ask cause where’s the same energy when Scrappy and Stevie J talked about it, but now I’m a Monkey and should have died on the table ? Ok Erica,” her caption read.

This isn’t the first time Mena has been called out for spewing racial insults. In 2015, she reportedly called club promoters “black monkeys” after she failed to make a scheduled nightclub appearance. 

Neither “LHH” nor VH1 producers publicly have addressed Mena’s recent remarks.

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