Ciara Wants to Adjust Travel Schedule for Future to Visit His Son More Often But Fans Blast the Singer Instead

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Future and Ciara never made it down the aisle and split in 2014. (Instagram)

Ciara and Future’s visitation woes have returned as the singer claims the rapper is not doing his part to show up for their 3-year-old son.

In documents obtained by TMZ Thursday, April 26, Ciara accuses Future of skipping out on visiting baby Future Zahir 37 percent of the time. Additionally, the “Mask Off” performer often misses scheduled visitations at the 11th hour, which throws off Ciara’s schedule.

When young Future leaves Washington state to visit his dad in Georgia, the documents continue, Ciara alleges he doesn’t spend time with his dad but rather with his grandmother or great-grandmother. And all the long-distance traveling is also taking a toll on baby Future’s health. As such Ciara, who says she rarely gets to video chat with her son when he’s down south, wants to hammer out a better travel schedule.

Apparently, the constant back and forth leaves Future Zahir so exhausted that he has emotional breakdowns in school. So, Ci-Ci hopes to have mediations so that the parents can get a plan lined up that works better for their son.

However, this is not the first time that Ciara has called out Future’s parenting in legal docs. In May 2016, the singer and her attorney called the MC a bad parent for not being a part of baby Future’s life. As a result, Ciara had requested sole custody of their son, but she was denied and the formerly engaged couple was granted joint custody instead.

Plus, a month later, social media was fired up over baby Future referring to Ciara’s now-husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, “Papa.”

Amid the latest news about Ciara’s accusations against her ex-fiancé, Twitter users have been speaking out.

“@ciara made this s— so hard for Zaddy @1future. I can imagine the people he gotta go through just to see his blood,” a user said.

“So he made 63 percent [of the visits],” someone tweeted in support of the rapper.

“Ciara long neck ass need [to] stop bothering Future,” someone else tweeted.

“Masculinity is fragile AF,” another user said. “Future and his fans showed their entire ass attacking Russell Wilson for being a father role [model] for Baby Future. Now Future not even coming to visits and they jumping through hoops to blame Ciara.”

“I don’t understand why y’all are tryna drag Ciara for calling Future out for not seeing their son but complain about Russell stepping up & being a father figure,” one person tweeted. “Y’all are crazy.”


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