‘Someone Just Died From Doing This’: T.I.’s Son King Harris Faces More Backlash After Hitting Back at Folks Criticizing Him for Bribing a Homeless Man to Do the Spicy ‘One Chip Challenge’

T.I. and Tiny Harris’ son, King Harris, found himself in some hot water earlier this week after coercing a homeless man into doing the viral “One Chip Challenge.” Now Harris is adding fuel to the fire by fighting back against the backlash.

King Harris fights backlash after bribing a homeless man with $50 to do the deadly "One Chip Challenge."
King Harris fights backlash after bribing a homeless man with $50 to do the deadly “One Chip Challenge.” (Photo: @the_next_king10/Instagram)

The 19-year-old rapper filmed himself and his crew in a video betting an unhoused man that he couldn’t go five minutes without water after eating the hot and spicy chip. If the homeless man met the challenge he would receive $50.

Harris and his boys burst out laughing as the man started showing signs of the heat getting to him as his nose began running and sweat began beading on his face. Almost halfway through the time limit, the man had to drink the water because he couldn’t last any longer.

Harris became the talk of the town after the video made the rounds on the internet, with people and media outlets dragging him for his actions. One of the media outlets that posted about the backlash was “No Jumper.”

Harris took this personally and called them out in a video where he says, “No Jumper back d—k riding always tryna talk about me in the same post.”

He continued filming in the parking lot of his father’s Trap Music Museum, selling his own merchandise.

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The “New King of the South” artist turned the call-out into a promotion, yelling, “Tell them b—h a—n—s post this, tell them b—h a—n—s how I be outside selling this f—g merch, n—a. Tell them post this s—t, n—a. F—k wrong with these n—s? Tell them to post this s—t. Y’all wanna post something so bad, post this hustle.”

Harris also made a post on Instagram that same day calling out all of his haters. In the caption, he wrote, “Out of All the times the internet tried to tear me down …. I held my spot down head up through it all and came out smiling on top. Shout out to my REAL supporters and fans for never switching up on me.”

Harris didn’t acknowledge the other reason that he was called out despite people reminding him of what the challenge could do to somebody.

“This boy has no common sense and aren’t people dying from that chip smh.”

“ooooohhhh weeeeeee like hes on an amusement park ride its not enough to just make fun of them anymore now u gotta humiliate him by offering him 50 bucks to eat something that has killed people and laughing at him the whole time.”

“Sooooo, someone just died from doing this challenge; yet, he offers a homeless man $50 to do the same challenge?!?”

The comments made reference to the tragic death that happened after someone participated in the “One Chip Challenge,” which includes ingredients such as Carolina Reaper pepper and Scorpion Chile pepper.

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Massachusetts 10th grader Harris Wolobah died after doing the challenge, and although an autopsy has not confirmed it, the boy’s family says the chip is at fault.

The Massachusetts high school student went to his school’s nurse after complaining he wasn’t feeling good and told the nurse that he had eaten the hot chip. He then went home with his parents, and over time his condition had gotten so bad that the boy could not breathe. Wolobah was rushed to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

In light of the passing, the chip’s manufacturer, Paqui, has asked retailers to pull the rest of their product off the shelves. As of right now, the family has not filed any lawsuits but some suspect they will take legal action after receiving confirmation from the autopsy of their son.


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