‘Eddie Got That ..I Had Her First Smile’: Nicole Murphy and Her New Man Strike a Pose with Her Ex-Husband Eddie Murphy In New Photos at Their Son’s Wedding, Fans Zoom In on Eddie’s Face

Nicole Murphy, her new man and her ex-husband Eddie Murphy were “one big happy family” this past weekend while at a wedding

The former couple’s son Myles Murphy married his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Carly Fink, and the supermodel made sure to share a few intimate moments from the celebration on her Instagram story. 

One of those moments featured a snapshot of Nicole in between the “Beverly Hills Cop” actor and her boyfriend. The “Hollywood Exes” star’s man, whose name remains a mystery, could be seen wearing shades while smirking at the camera. Eddie also rocked a pair of dark shades, as he and Nicole smiled from ear to ear. 

The upload also had “ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY” written above the trio’s head.

It wasn’t long before The Shade Room reposted the image on its Instagram page, where commenters formed their own opinions on their seemingly healthy relationship. A few comments include the following:

“Lowkey I’m hollin cause new boo said ‘lemme get in this pic with Eddie my d*mn self.’”

“Just because the Relationship doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you have to be Enemies either.” 

“I’m all for blended families. Once the feelings are gone nobody cares.” 

“Okay but let’s take a moment for her new man cuz he didn’t come to play.” 

“Eddie got that ..I had her first smile.”

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Nicole and Eddie quickly became one of Hollywood’s most-beloved couples after they first popped out as an item in the late ’80s. By 1993, the two were married and welcomed five children together. The “Global Beauty Masters” host filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years in 2012.

Nicole decided to show off her new man on her IG story just as August approached. The abrupt hard launch featured a photo of them boo’d up as the song “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar played in the background.

After the photo went viral online, many social media users brought up the time Nicole was caught locking lips with Lela Rochon’s husband of 24 years. Back in 2019, the “Y-FOY” skin-care CEO faced backlash once paparazzi snapped photos of her smooching director Antoine Fuqua. 

Initially, Nicole claimed that their kiss was a harmless greeting among friends, however, she later apologized for her actions. An inside source also reportedly told TMZ that Nicole was under the impression that the “Emancipation” director and the “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” actress’ marriage was over. 

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That’s not the first time Nicole supposedly caused havoc in someone’s marriage. Throughout the years, LisaRaye McCoy has proudly accused the 55-year-old of sleeping with her then-husband, Michael Misick, during their marriage. 

While Nicole has adamantly denied those claims, the “Single Ladies” star has hinted at having “receipts” that supposedly prove Misick stepped out on her with Nicole.

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