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‘Come and See Me’: LisaRaye Doesn’t Hold Back Further Comments About Nicole Murphy’s Alleged Affair with Her Former Husband

LisaRaye recently called into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” and responded to Nicole Murphy, who denied breaking up her marriage to former husband Michael Misick.

It’s something that Murphy addressed during a stop at “The Wendy Williams Show” last month, after LisaRaye made the accusation during a TMZ interview. Murphy stopped by Williams’ show to talk about kissing Lela Rochon‘s husband Antoine Fuqua in Italy over the summer.

LisaRaye (L) responded to Nicole Murphy’s (R) denial about breaking up her marriage. (Photo: @thereallraye1 Instagram / The Wendy Williams Show YouTube page)

She apologized for the kiss on the talk show and said “It was a moment that should not have happened.” And as for the rumor that Murphy broke up LisaRaye’s marriage, she said it’s completely untrue.

“I never did that,” Murphy stated.

“You are talking about when LisaRaye got involved and said you slept with her husband?” Williams asked.

“It’s not true,” Murphy replied.

A lot of people said they weren’t happy with Murphy’s explanation about kissing Fuqua, and LisaRaye said she didn’t like being called a liar.

“For those mofos that still want to talk mess, hence Nicole Murphy, I had to get certain folks together when they say that I’m lying about certain things I’ve got receipts on,” said LisaRaye. “I’m just saying.”

The “Players Club” star then accused Murphy of twisting her words.

“She did this play on words on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’: ‘I did not break up LisaRaye’s marriage,'” said the Chicago native. “It was like, no, b—-h. I didn’t say that. I never said you broke up my marriage. That ain’t what I said. I’m a let her play on words with that, but she might wanna come and see me. She might want to see me and tell me that face to face. I would accept that.”

“To me, that’s the only way to get things out: face to face and woman to woman about it,” added LisaRaye. “I was woman to woman about it when I stepped to her, so now she thinks I’m lying. I welcome you to come to me and tell me that in my face. Please and thank you. Yeah, let’s make that happen.”

A lot of people commented about LisaRaye’s interview when it landed on YouTube, especially about her wanting to meet up with Murphy.

“That ghetto side of Lisa Raye ain’t going nowhere I don’t care how many presidents and princes etc. she f $^@ with!” one person wrote.

“She knows better to come see Lisa Raye that Chiraq will come out !!!” another person commented. “She don’t want them problems lbvs !! Love me some Lisa Raye she’s a Real one !!!”

But someone said meeting up with Murphy may not be the best idea.

“Lisa Raye don’t get out your character over another female your better than that,” someone wrote.

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