‘Hopefully He Ain’t Someone Else’s Man!!’: Nicole Murphy Pops Out with ‘Fine’ Mystery Man, Fans Flash Back to the Time She Denied Having an Affair with Lela Rochon’s Husband After They Were Caught Kissing

It looks like Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy has a new man in her life and fans are praying that this one isn’t married. 

The former model popped out with her new boo via Instagram on Sunday, July 30. In the photo shared to her Insta story, Murphy was captured smiling into the camera while she rested her head on her beau’s chest. 

As for the unidentified man, his focus seemed to be elsewhere as he could be seen looking out into the distance. Murphy added Daniel Caesar’s soulful hit “Best Part” featuring H.E.R. as background music.

“He’s so serious,” she wrote over the photo. The 55-year-old also attached one blush and one smile emoji to the image. 

Nicole Murphy pops out with a new man, which causes fans to remember her alleged affair with Lela Rochon’s husband. (Pictured: @nikimurphy/Instagram)

Not too long after, The Shade Room reshared Murphy’s post on its Instagram page, where it quickly garnered thoughts and opinions from fans. 

Though several commenters focused on the mother-of-five’s radiant beauty and the mystery man’s attractiveness, several others brought up the time Murphy kissed Lela Rochon’s husband of 24 years.

“She stay with a fine ass man. She fine af too!”

“Hopefully he ain’t someone else’s man!!” 

“My first thought I hope he not married or engaged or taken.” 

“I haven’t seen her since she was caught kissing on the lady husband and went viral for it.” 

“Is he somebody’s husband? Make sure Nicole, you know how you like to ‘borrow.’” 

Four years ago, Murphy found herself at the heart of a public scandal after she was caught locking lips with director Antoine Fuqua. The pair was spotted at a hotel in Ischia, an island in Italy, and looked rather cozy together as they shared passionate kisses. 

While Murphy initially said that the kiss was a harmless greeting among friends, she later apologized for the incident, and expressed her regret. According to a TMZ insider, the “Hollywood Exes” star was under the impression that the “Training Day” director and the “Waiting to Exhale” actress’ marriage was over. It is still unclear what the status of Fuqua’s and Rochon’s marriage was at the time. 

Nonetheless, that wasn’t the first time Murphy reportedly was entangled with a married man. Over the years, LisaRaye McCoy has accused the Y-Foy CEO of having an affair with her ex-husband, Michael Misick, during their marriage

Though Murphy has denied those claims, McCoy has been adamant about having alleged “receipts” that prove Misick did step out on her with Murphy.

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