‘Is It Her Man This Time?’: Nicole Murphy Spotted with Mystery Man Two Years After Kissing Lela Rochon’s Husband

It looks like Eddie Murphy‘s ex-wife Nicole Murphy has a new man after being involved in a cheating scandal. In 2019, the former model and reality star apologized for kissing director Antoine Fuqua, who has been married to actress Lela Rochon for 23 years.

On Tuesday, June 14, The Shade Room captured images of Murphy out and about with a mystery man. She wore a long-sleeve pink top and leggings, while the young-looking tattooed gentleman wore a white T-shirt, navy cap and matching blue shorts and slippers.

Fans in the comments section went back and forth about the identity of Murphy’s mystery bae, which is currently unknown. Some believe he could be an actor and entertainer and dropped suggestions such as “P-Valley” actor Tyler Lepley and “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott. Lepley is dating model and actress Miracle Watts and Scott is married to Latisha Scott.

Is It Her Man This Time?': Nicole Murphy Spotted with Mystery Man Two Years After Kissing Lela Rochon's Husband
Nicole Murphy spotted getting cozy with young-looking mystery man following cheating scandal (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram.)

“Why I thought this was Marsau? I been watching tooooo much ‘Love and Marriage,'” one person joked.

A second individual wrote, “Thought it was Joe Budden at first.” And a third social media user said, “Thought this was Tristan Thompson.”

A few fans focused on the 54-year-old Murphy and her impressively toned body. One person said, “This woman will forever be fine asf!” A second wrote, “Black don’t crack indeed. But she shouldn’t forget she’s 54 tho. Cause that thang looks very young.”

Meanwhile, a handful called Murphy “the real Lori,” referring to 25-year-old Lori Harvey. The young socialite also has a history of dating men in the public eye such as rapper Future, Diddy and most recently, Michael B. Jordan.

“She keep a lil buddy.”

“He young asf.”

“Is it her man this time?”

“Don’t worry his wife will tell us who he is.”

“Hopefully, this one isn’t already somebody else’s man again.”

When Murphy first addressed her kiss with Fuqua, she said it didn’t mean anything and insisted they were just friends. It’s unclear at the moment, but many believed the “Training Day” director led her to believe his marriage to Rochon was over. But this isn’t Murphy’s first time being mentioned as having been in the company of a married man.

Over the years, actress LisaRaye has accused of Murphy of having an affair with her ex-husband, Michael Misick, while they were married. Murphy denied breaking up their marriage during a 2019 appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” where she said, “I never did that.”

Later on, “The Players Club” star claimed she had “receipts” on the matter and blamed Murphy for twisting her words.

“I never said you broke up my marriage,” said the Chicago native on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” “That ain’t what I said. I’m a let her play on words with that, but she might wanna come and see me. She might want to see me and tell me that face to face. I would accept that.”

LisaRaye continued, “To me, that’s the only way to get things out: face to face and woman to woman about it. I was woman to woman about it when I stepped to her, so now she thinks I’m lying. I welcome you to come to me and tell me that in my face. Please and thank you. Yeah, let’s make that happen.”

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