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‘Martin and Eddie n the Same Family … Lawd’: Fans Call Jasmin Lawrence and Eric Murphy’s Love ‘Hollywood Royalty’ as They Celebrate Her 27th Birthday

The prospect of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence becoming family is still a shock to fans reeling over the love shared between the comedians’ children who are dating. Eric Murphy and Jasmin Lawrence’s relationship first made headlines in 2021. Since then, fans have swooned over their courtship.

A recent post shared by Eric was no exception. In a series of photos and a video clip, Eric, several other family members, and friends — including Martin — gathered to celebrate Jasmin’s 27th birthday. In his loving caption, he wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my QUEEN!! The moments we spend together make time stand still. You make me a better man in every way. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life.”

Eric Murphy, Jasmin Lawrence
Eric Murphy and Jasmin Lawrence. (Photo: @ericmurphy777/Instagram.)

The post continued with him professing his love for his leading lady. “Thank you for being the LOVE of my life! Wishing you infinite love and blessings on your special day. I LOVE YOU so much!!” he concluded.

In the comments, social media users showered the Duke University alumna with “Happy birthday” messages and countless remarks about the beautiful couple. “Now, this is Hollywood Royalty! Love this for them,” wrote one person.

However, fans would be remiss if they did not make mention of their award-winning standup dads. Martin and Eddie have been friends for years and even starred in two movies together, 1992’s “Boomerang” and 1999’s “Life.” Both flicks have become fan favorites and are revered as cult classics. 

To the surprise of many, the “Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules” cast member revealed in an In Touch interview that their famous dads had nothing to do with them becoming an item.

“We met through my uncle, and, you know, we became really good friends; we bonded over a lot of things,” she explained. “Obviously, we have similar backgrounds, so we understood each other on a certain level, and over time, you know, it just became more.” And fans are here for it.

“Black excellence in the making!! The pressure….cuz we all watching…..Martin and Eddie n the same family…..LAWD, we is ready for whatever creation comes of this….a new standup, a movie…Rasputia and Shanaenae or Big Momma….a grandchild….whatever, we ready and where is our invite?” asked one commenter.

A second person remarked, “Man if they get married imagine what the family get together are going to be like.” And a third wrote, “Bruh I know the family parties must be [fire emoji]  when these two families get together. Like nonstop laughter.”

Eric and Jasmin have not publicly spoken in detail about their plans for the future, but it’s clear the world can already see them going the distance. Future wedding vibes were fanned when Jasmin managed to catch the bouquet at Bria Murphy’s wedding in July 2022. Eric documented the special moment on social media when he shared snaps from the celebratory occasion. In the caption, he wrote, “Yesterday was such a beautiful day! Special shout out to Jas for catching the bouquet.”

However, Lawrence and Murphy have no problem with their kids blossoming in love. When the “Blue Streak” star was asked if he and the “Coming to America” actor have spoken about their children dating, he said no.

“We haven’t talked about it. We kind of just stay out of their business and let them do their own thing and respect their thing,” Lawrence said during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last year. He joked that if Eric and Jasmine decided to get married, he would try to get Eddie to foot the wedding bill.

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