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‘Relax Before Them Knee Caps Snap Next’: Fans Issue Kevin Hart a Warning After He Ditches His Wheelchair and Takes a ‘Few Steps’ In Honor of Beyoncé’s Birthday 

Fans have urged Kevin Hart to “relax” after a recent video showed him leaving his wheelchair behind while he danced to Beyoncé

Kevin Hart ditches his wheelchair in new video and takes a 'few steps' in honor of Beyoncé's birthday.
Kevin Hart ditches his wheelchair in a new video and takes a ‘few steps’ in honor of Beyoncé’s birthday. (L) Kevin Hart (Pictured: @kevinhart4real/Instagram) (R) Beyoncé (Pictured: @beyonce/Instagram)

As previously reported, the 44-year-old became bound to a wheelchair after his 40-yard dash race against a professional athlete resulted in him tearing his hip abductors and lower abdomen. In an Instagram video, Hart confirmed that he’s confined to the wheeled device for six to eight weeks.   

On Monday, Sept. 4, the comedian decided to share a one-minute recording of him wishing the “Love on Top” songstress a happy birthday. In the clip, Hart can be seen holding up a red solo cup as he sits down in his manually operated chair.

“On this Labor Day, I wanna change the theme man, I’mma make it Bey day,” the Philadelphia native said. “I’m celebrating the queen, it’s her birthday!”

Hart added that he attended one of Yoncé’s three concerts in Los Angeles, and noted that he was “blown away” by her creative ability. 

“From start to finish your production, the artistry that you put into your show, the story that you tell throughout, the visuals. I mean everything from start to bottom,” he said.

The “Central Intelligence” actor then proposed a “special grand gourmet meal toast” to the 28-time Grammy winner, however, simply toasting to Bey didn’t seem to be enough for Hart. The father of four soon instructed his wife, Eniko Hart, to play any song by the “Dreamgirls” star.

“‘Cause we celebrating the queen,” Hart said. 

His wife obliged, and put on Yoncé’s funky tune “America Has a Problem.” As soon as the song began, Hart’s eyes widened and his body swayed with the beat. 

“I didn’t know you was gonna play that,” he said. “Hold on, now! Hey queen, hold on now.” 

Once the beat dropped, Hart was seen lifting up his two chair footrests before standing in an upright position. “I’mma take some steps for the queen!” He said as he walked toward the camera in a rhythmic motion. 

It appeared as if Hart started feeling himself since he began clapping his hands and bouncing up and down while yelling, “I’m rehabilitating! For the queen! For the queen! For the queen!” 

Eniko also could be heard in the background hyping up her husband of seven years. 

“Celebrating the Queen @beyonce …. Happy B Day!!!! We love you!!!!! #RoadToRecovery #LiveLoveLaugh #HappyLaborDay #HardWorkTasteDifferent @grancoramino,” his caption read. 

As entertaining as Hart’s video was, many commenters suggested he sit down in his wheelchair before damaging any additional body ligaments or tendons. 

“Relax before them knee caps snap next….”

“Next video gonna show how he tore everything up again! back in the chair you go.” 

“Dance moves gonna have ur a– hurt again.. stay in ur lane bro…”

“Easy now Kev, don’t tear or break nothing else na.” 

Though individuals voiced their concern for Hart, it’s apparently clear that no muscle tear can stop him from enjoying life and placing a smile on peoples’ faces.

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