‘I’m Sick of Both of Them’: Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-wife Admits She Was ‘the Problem’ In Their Relationship Amid Child Support Battle

It has been two years, and the saga of R&B singer and Hollywood actor Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson continues. In the latest episode, the 32-year-old admits that she caused the demise of their relationship.

The former couple began dating in 2015 and tied the knot two years later. Fans believe the “Sweet Lady” singer is on a smear campaign to turn others against his ex, whom he repeatedly calls out on social media. But it appears that she’s now taking some accountability.

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Tyrese Gibson’s wife Samantha Lee fights cases for the Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia. (Photo: @Tyrese/Instagram)

In a nearly four-minute live video obtained by Live Bitez, Samantha Lee admitted that she added to the destruction of their relationship because she devalued herself and operated within the marriage with a sense of fear.

“I’m looking back on relationships, y’all, and I see that I was the problem,” she starts her confession. “Why was I the problem, Sam? I was the problem because I didn’t see me accurately. … Because I didn’t see myself well. … I didn’t see my value. …  I didn’t see who I was .… I didn’t see those things.”

“I think that I accepted things I shouldn’t have for way too long,” she added. “I allowed people to kind of dictate the terms in which I would accept without really having a great understanding of who I was. And therefore, I stayed in relationships way past their expiration date.”

The social worker also said, possibly referencing her relationship with the “Transformers” star, that she allowed people to mistreat her.

“Accepting the bare minimum, not realizing that there’s a part of you that feels like you only deserve the bare minimum,” Samantha Lee said, noting that she wasn’t in “the best space.”

She confessed, “Sam has been wrong. Sam has chosen wrong.”

This happened, she explained, because she approached the relationship with a “scarcity mindset.” She has since resolved that she would no longer date from that place.

“I’m not going into dating thinking, ‘Oh my God, I gotta make it work for him. He is the only option in my head.’ In my experience, that’s not true. It’s just not. But when I came in with that scarcity mindset, guess what? It was damaging. Because I’m trying to make things work for people that ain’t ‘posed to work,” she said. “I’m not tryna make it work if it don’t work.”

While her self-revelation was provocative, many fans are just exhausted with the pingpong of public blame and wrestling the two former lovers play with each other.

“I’m sick of both of them”

“Girl please.”

“Not they sending messages to each other via SM… TEXT THAT MAN.”

Some people have aligned themselves clearly with Tyrese, claiming she used the man for money — leaving him broken and crying on the internet.

“Maybe next time he will stay away from pretty face gold diggers in disguise.”

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Days before her sharing, Tyrese took to Instagram to share that Samantha Lee was not the person he originally believed her to be. The “How You Gonna Act Like That” vocalist said she not only fooled him, but many in his inner circle.

Tyrese said while they were together his ex-wife despised other celebrity wives who seemed to only be with their men for money and clout. Now she has become that which she used to put on blast, he claims.


The multi-hyphenate said in the Live and in his new song “Love Transaction” that proof his ex is a gold digger is validated by the $10,690 each month in child support she receives for their 5-year-old daughter, Soraya.

While the recording artist is blasting his ex, it is important to note that the amount was determined by the court based on his income and the amount Samantha Lee is getting is approximately the same amount he pays for his teenage daughter, Shayla, from his previous marriage.

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