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‘Never Imagined Erykah to be This Bitter’: Erykah Badu Reignites One-Sided Feud with Beyoncé After Accusing Her of Stealing Her Tour Looks

Erykah Badu should probably prepare herself for some angry Beyhive members to flood her DMs after she decided to shade Beyoncé fans in a recent Instagram post. 

Erykah Badu shades Beyoncé for the second time in deleted Instagram post.
Erykah Badu shades Beyoncé for the second time in a deleted Instagram post. (L) Erykah Badu (Pictured: @erykahbadu/Instagram) (R) Beyonce (Pictured: @beyonce/Instagram)

The neo-soul singer shared a photo on her Insta story that featured a man covered in aluminum foil from head to toe. “How most of y’all looked at Beyoncé’s show” was written over top of the photo. 

Just before August ended, the “Halo” songstress shared her one birthday wish: for fans to put together their best silver ensembles and rock them for her remaining Renaissance World Tour shows. 

Though the “Green Eyes” vocalist deleted the post, a Beyoncé fan page managed to screenshot and repost it to its X page before it was erased. Several X accounts shared their disappointment in Badu for seemingly taking aim at Beyoncé for the second time. 

“Never imagined Erykah to be this bitter.” 

Full of unwarranted hatred and spite and branding yourself to be spiritual and wholesome is hilarious to me like you can’t even be mad but laugh.” 

“I’m just trying to figure out what’s her deal lol?? Bey has ALWAYS showed her so much respect & stay paying homage to her smh. Then she deleted it girl….”

“All that sage burning isn’t working bc she IS the bad spirit.”

“Never in my life did I think I’d see her of all people dry hating. d—m. Is she mad that she wasn’t called to open up for Bey?” 

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Badu first roused up the Beyhive in July after she accused the “CUFF IT” singer of copying her style. On Sunday, July 30, the 52-year-old uploaded a photo of Yoncé, 42, wearing an oversized T-shirt, camouflage knee-high boots and an oversized hat with a huge brim. 

She then shared a second photo that showed her in a large silver hat that somewhat resembled the one her fellow Texas native rocked. Badu wrote “I guess I’m everybody stylist” over her post, which sparked loyal supporters of Beyoncé to defend her name. 

Seemingly responding to Badu’s claim, the 28-time Grammy winner decided to call out the “On & On” singer’s name four times over while she performed her 2022 summer hit “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix).” 


In Beyoncé’s original verse, she shouts out iconic Black women in music, including her sister Solange Knowles, Badu, Lizzo and Kelly Rowland. However, Beyoncé chose to replace Lizzo and Rowland’s name with, “Badu, Badu, Badu, Badu.” 

Though Yoncé publicly hasn’t addressed Badu’s recent shade, it can be inferred that the word will eventually find its way back to her, thanks to her loyal supporters.

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