‘Money Grab and Control’: Drew Sidora’s Estranged Husband Accuses the Singer of Playing ‘Victim’ and ‘Using’ Him for Money Amid Child Support Battle In Divorce Filing

Part one of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion aired two days ago, but the drama between Drew Sidora and her estranged husband Ralph Pittman has spilled over online. 

After the intense episode, Sidora decided to get some things off of her chest in a lengthy rant on X, formerly known as Twitter. 

Drew Sidora's estranged husbanad accuses her of playing 'victim' and 'using' him.
Drew Sidora’s estranged husband accuses her of playing ‘victim’ and ‘using’ him. (L) Drew Sidora (Pictured: @drewsidora/Instagram) (R) Ralph Pittman (Pictured: @ralphpittmanjr/Instagram)

“I must always protect and stand for my children against this type of evil. I gave him the opportunity to shut his unverifiable fake cousin down for her disgusting comments made concerning my son, however he refused to do so & it breaks my heart,” Sidora penned. 

She continued, “She meant to be nasty & rude making comments and dragging my child into this… KIDS ARE ALWAYS OFF LIMITS!!! That’s it, that’s all…we’re done!”

The “‘Til The Dawn” singer’s tweets were aimed at her soon-to-be ex-husband and his so-called cousin Courtney Racquel Rhodes, who served as a cast mate in season 15 of “RHOA.” The reality TV newbie claimed on camera that Sidora of wants Pittman to adopt her oldest son simply for financial purposes. 

Pittman and the “The Game” actress have two children together; an 8-year-old son, Machai David, and a 5-year-old daughter, Aniya Grace. Sidora also has a 12-year-old son, Josiah, from a previous relationship. 

After coming upon his estranged wife’s tweets, Pittman decided to leave a message under her PSA, accusing her of playing the “victim” as well as using him. 

“It’s time to speak truth so let’s be real,” he wrote. “You expect me to pay child support when he has a father that wants to play an active role in his life but you won’t let him. Your adoption request was only a money grab and control.” 

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Pittman continued noting that he’s “stepped up” as a father figure for Josiah since the tween was 3 years old. He said he will not let Sidora “take advantage of me or use this show to get your way.” 

“I understand playing the battered victim role earns you sympathy on this platform but you will respect me as a Father,” he added. “I love all my kids and have given them the world, including you. It’s about them now. #Respect.” 

Sidora supporters then reminded Pittman of the co-parenting book he wrote and released earlier this year titled “The Step In Parenting.” 

“YOU wrote and profited off of a book about being a step parent, claim you raised him like he was your own and gave him your last name but you were ok with Courtney making those vile remarks about him? No one spoke about child support so quit trying to deflect. #RHOA.” 

“Mind you he lives in the same house as drew & wrote a whole a– book about step parenting said child. the devil’s spawn fr.” 

Nevertheless, there were a few X users who seemed to agree with Pittman’s tweets. One account wrote, “#TeamRalph drew is beyond annoying and very manipulative and the world is definitely falling for it where your accountability.”

Another person said “I’m not understanding why you feel he has to pay for another man’s child. He’s right and as a mother to try and force it tells your not doing it for the child its spite. Let the kids dad in and let Ralph take care of the kids he made. You must miss arguing with him. Its Childish.” 

The divorce announcement between the troubled couple hit social media back in March with both parties filing for separation within hours of each other on the same day. As previously reported, Pittman is seeking what he says is his share Sidora’s music income and demands that she leave their family home. 


Before their relationship deteriorated, Sidora and Pittman were just two people in love who decided to wed in 2014. 

Fans also questioned Pittman’s latest outburst due to his recent declarations of love for his wife. He even took partial ownership for the “deterioration” of their marriage in a June interview with People magazine.

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