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‘Solely Satisfied the Loan for the Marital Residence’: ‘RHOA’ Star Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman File for Divorce, He Demands Family Home and Half of Her Music Money

After years of fans telling “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora to leave her admittedly wayward husband, Ralph Pittman, it appears that things are heading in that direction, with the couple reportedly moving toward divorce.

The two married in 2014. Reports now are indicating that Pittman wants half of Sidora’s money and for her to leave their family home.

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, 37-year-old Pittman said that he has decided to file for a divorce from Sidora, also 37. However, records indicate that she filed for divorce first.

Drew Sidora Ralph Pittman
Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman reportedly plan to divorce. (Photo: @drewsidora/Twitter)

“Love is a beautiful thing,” said Pittman. “Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other. Drew and I have decided to file for divorce. We have three amazing young children, and their mindset and growth is what is most important.

He added, “As we navigate this difficult time, I ask that you please respect our privacy.” Pittman also added that there is “no chance or hope of reconciliation.”

RadarOnline reported that Pittman wants Sidora to move out of their home, claiming he “solely satisfied the loan for the marital residence.” The outlet also reported that Pittman wants part of Sidora’s music income “and more.” Sidora is also a singer with several singles Pittman claims that he produced, and the outlet says that Pittman wants “100 percent of the rights to all compositions recorded by the parties to date.”

“RHOA” fans were shocked that Pittman announced the divorce considering how he treated his wife on the reality show. Fans first saw an issue with their marriage after Pittman went on a trip to Tampa, Florida, for several days and failed to inform his wife and family that he was going.

He also refused to answer her calls, and “RHOA” cameras caught him refusing to tell his wife what he was doing or who he was with on the mystery trip.

During season 13’s reunion episode, Pittman again claimed that he was alone on the trip.

“I didn’t go to any strip clubs,” he said. “I spent the entire time by myself, no other women.” The cast called Pittman out for gaslighting Sidora while defending his actions, and Sidora said she just wanted her husband to respect their marriage.

Pittman was also in the hot seat last year after Sidora found a text message from a female assistant in his phone offering to give him a massage. The woman was later terminated and Sidora admitted to packing up the couple’s children and going home to Chicago for a period of time.

“Finding out my husband was getting close with his assistant was really hard for me,” said Sidora during another episode in May 2022. “I packed up my kids and we went to Chicago. I literally ran away from home.”

Sidora added that the pair had been to marriage counseling and that things were on the mend. She also told BET last June that marriage wasn’t what she thought it was.

“My parents who have been married for like 60 years made it look so easy. I’m in a situation where we have children, we’re moving to a new city — life is happening and people are growing as well as changing,” said Sidora.

She added, “It’s hard because sometimes you’re like, ‘do I need to stay in this marriage or am I better off by myself?’ “

Sidora and Pittman share three children: Sidora’s 11-year-old son, Josiah, from a previous relationship, another son, 7-year-old Machai, and a five-year-old daughter, Aniya.

According to TMZ, Sidora filed for divorce on Feb. 27, reportedly a full hour before Pittman in Gwinnett County.

One fan replied to the news with a gif and a caption that read, “Not them racing to the courthouse.”

After the news was shared by Hollywood Unlocked, fans chimed in on Sidora and Pittman’s impending divorce.

“If you watch the show you can’t be surprised,” wrote one. “I hope she has a prenup,” added another fan. “She should’ve checked out after he left! Good Luck to her bc she deserves to be happy.”

“Wow she’s better off,” someone else added. “He was always gaslighting her and making her feel like her feeling weren’t valid. She’s better off,” noted one.

Pittman listed the couple’s last day together as Feb. 23. However, Sidora reportedly listed their last day as a unit as Feb. 19.

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