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‘The Body Is Bodying’: Lori Harvey’s Steamy Shower Pics Inspires Fans to ‘Go Back to the Gym’

As summer comes to an end, Lori Harvey is looking back on some of her “lost files” from her vacation in Ibiza.

On Wednesday, Aug. 30, the model shared a carousel of three images on her Instagram page that showed her stunting in a vibrant orange bikini. The halterneck top cupped her breasts. The high-waisted bottoms hugged Harvey’s waistline, showing off the 27-year-old’s hourglass physique. 

Harvey paired the bathing suit with chunky gold earrings, a body chain, anklets, and rings. As the water from a black showerhead drenched her body, the SKN By LH founder’s silky black bob fell right above her collarbone and was tucked behind her ears.

Lori Harvey's shows off bathing suit photos from 'lost files' and fans are losing it.
Lori Harvey shows off bathing suit photos from ‘lost files’ and fans are losing it. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

“Lost files from Ibiza in the ‘Ibiza’ wrap bikini @yevrahswim,” her caption read. “Yevrah Swim” is the young socialite’s swimwear line that officially launched last month. The seven-piece collection exclusively dropped at Revolve. 

As of this writing, Harvey’s post attained more than 201,000 likes, with more than 500 comments. As expected, the fashion influencer’s toned body gathered plenty of attention from folks who deemed her figure as their inspiration. 

“Like what? I’m just over here like I need her workout plan asap.” 

“Yea the body is bodying.”

“Lemme turn around and go BACK to the gym.” 

“Never seen a perfect Body other than this.”

“Ok Lori it’s giving Halle Barry BAPs swim Suit! Uhn uhn Dunnn.” 

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Harvey frequently leaves fans fawning over her beauty and fit shape after every photo she shares online. Last year, the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey sparked controversy after sharing the intense workout routine and low-calorie diet she follows to shed some weight. 

In a now-expired video uploaded to her Instagram Story, Harvey revealed that she gained 15 pounds of relationship weight while dating her former boyfriend actor Michael B. Jordan.

Due to this, the entrepreneur decided to put Pilates, hiking, and running on a treadmill into her everyday routine. The couple split last June after being together for nearly two years.

“I was working out, like, five, six times a week,” Harvey said. “I was maybe consuming 1200 calories in a day max, and I wasn’t on like a specific eating regimen, I was just trying to do, like, meat and veggies and, like, minimal carbs.”


After this declaration, many individuals voiced their irritation about Harvey’s fitness plan, suggesting it was unrealistic for the average person to follow.  

It’s unclear if she still follows this diet, but it’s very clear that her mesmerizing body continues to make jaws drop and influence others to get into better shape. 

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