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Love & Hip Hop Star Kimbella Says Erica Mena Has Herself To Blame

Love & Hip Hop star Kimbella is jumping on the bash VH1 bandwagon along with her new nemesis Erica Mena. On last Monday’s episode Erica Mena and Kimbella were involved in an epic brawl that included glass throwing, weave pulling, faces getting scratched and a police report being filed. It was Mena’s debut on the show and she got off to an explosive start. Hours after the episode aired Erica called fouled blaming VH1 for ruining her career and reputation.

“My whole image in my career is now affected by this. I wanted them to pull this clip because I don’t want to show this side of me.”

Kimbella is calling foul but against Erica playing victim. She tells theybf

I don’t agree. She is bi-polar. In fact, she is a crack whore and you will get to see it in the rest of the episodes brought to you by VH1! She is obviously embarrassed by her actions because she really got to see who “she” really is. She doesn’t know how to conduct herself as a lady and it showed. I basically I was attacked. I tried to stay classy but she tried my patience and crossed the line. It’s crazy to hear her blaming VH1 and not herself.Even the producers were dumbfounded when all this happened.

Kimbella also added to TMZ,

“VH1 didn’t do editing on anything with [Erica]. That’s who she is”

Aside from siding with VH1, Kimbella made additional scathing remarks against Erica implying she was once a prostitute. She told theybf:

“The one thing I can tell you is that folks in the industry are saying before “Love & Hip Hop,” she was found stripping in the Valley and giving blow jobs for $200. So that is the career that me and VH1 are ruining?”

Need we remember that both of these women are mothers. Which makes it all the more shocking when Eric tells Balleralert that she doesn’t regret her actions because she’s thinking about her son.

“No! I don’t regret anything, hell no! I don’t regret how I feel. I just regret that…you gotta realize I’m thinking future-wise for my son, I have a kid and I have to explain this. I have to explain the fact that I took these actions against somebody who I made a statement on national television that she’s not to my level. I have to live with that now that I let this thingget the best of me. I have to explain this to my son now you know, that there’s better ways to do things and if he were to come across this situation as he gets older… know what I mean? It’s just a whole different thing now. It’s not like I’m in this world by myself, I have someone who I brought here. But as far as how I feel about her and what I said, No [I don’t regret]! I never will.”

Do you think Erica’s actions were fueled by her thirst for publicity?

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0 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop Star Kimbella Says Erica Mena Has Herself To Blame

  1. lea' brown says:

    I love the show! I’m a seamstress/designer in Columbus Ohio, and I would love to make Krissy’s dream bridal gown. Your both wonderful, best wishes!

  2. sheriece says:

    i think that kimbella handled the situation the way i wouldve handled it because i feel like erica is just jelous of kimbella because she didnt have no reason to just flash on her like that it shows jelousy on her behaldf because4 basically u hating on kimbella for no reason and for here to sit there and say that kimbella sleeps with everybody how would she know that all she knows is that she was with faboulus thrre years ago and thats it and that her baby daddy is juelz santana kimbella did the right thing by fucking her ass up and then you want to call the police and your the one that started the shit wtf erica needs to sit her ass down and quit trying to judge somebody and shut her mouth before she get busted in it

  3. Vaniesha says:

    I’m not against any body on the show I believe that everyone personality clashes because each one of you like to be the boss of you on ish.. The main thing that upsets me is Chrissy I like her but at times I don’t it seems to me that you just don’t like no women to be around jim so you find a reason to stop they shine, which is really petty of you. Otherwise Kimbella on the other hand I like you as well, but it wasn’t your place to tell old girl that you messed with fab, however I really think you are very gorgeous and very pretty and beyond beautiful with a sweat personality. Yandy you is one of my favorites because you is Independent and about your money and a very hard worker. Olivia I find her very two faced because you always playing both sides. Fab girl you need to get over those feelings if a man loved you so much he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, you shouldn’t tell a grown man how to do his job, sorry to say it but that;s not love boo it’s lust. What happened to Somaya I like her she stay in her own lane and for that you have respect. I love Jim’s mother she is to cool but gangsta.

  4. Angel says:

    What can you expect from a publicity hound like Erica ? She had to show her real tramp side, hoping for a chance to be seen. Kimbella did not know she was being broad sided by Yandy, had she have known maybe she would have handled the situation differently.
    I don’t like to see women fighting but sometimes you have to check a messy girl when she steps over the line. VH1 should let them all kick Yandy right in her messy ways, she lies and manipulates and then plays the victim. The same thing Erica did. Please let someone check her and let it be Chrissy. I want Chrissy to beat her down and then she can say to Juelz and Jimmy she just don’t understand what could have brought this whooping down on her. Yandy plays those men like they tricks and new to the game. Wake the hell up, she got Kimbella in a bad position twice and here we go again. Check that tramp.

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