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‘We Still Ain’t Forget What You Said About Our Cousins on the Boat’: Marlon Wayans Catches Heat for Seemingly Fantasizing About White Actress Following Drama Over Alabama Riverfront Brawl Comment 

Social media is holding Marlon Wayans responsible for every word he says since appearing to condemn the Black folks during the Montgomery, Alabama, Riverfront brawl.

The actor and comedian is catching heat for the second time this month after appearing to support the side after seemingly fantasizing about “Hustle and Flow” star Taryn Manning, who has recently been thrust into the spotlight after revealing her relations with a married man.

Marlon Wayans catches heat for appearing to fantasize about actress Taryn Manning following the backlash he received for Alabama Riverfront Brawl comment. (Photos:@marlonwayans/Instagram)

In a now-viral three-minute video rant, Manning shared that she had been sleeping with an unnamed wedded man at least three times a week. She said she liked it as a single woman, but the man’s wife, Leanne, calls her the side chick. The “8 Mile” actress apologized, stating that she regretted airing her dirty laundry, but now Wayans has dragged (or jumped) himself into their love triangle.

He took to his Instagram to share an article with the headline, “Video: ‘8 Mile’ Co-Star Taryn Manning Goes Viral for Eating the Groceries of a Married Man.”

“Damn, i been wanting her to lick my a— for years… smh … she always had that ‘I’ll lick you a—’ look about her too.. for real tho,” he said, adding the outlet was crazy highlighting the story.

Asking, “Why is this a HEADLINE?! There so much wrong in this!!!!”

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In the midst of his intrigue, Wayans asked the public what the real issue was, the rimming, the issue that she was with a married man, or the fact that her talent was being “eclipsed” by her self-admitted oversharing.

He concluded the post by writing, “Now just how is a man ‘posed to be faithful to his wife when you got movie stars out here butt licking. Sorry hun. Y’all better hope to GOD i don’t do a sketch show because it will be RELENTLESS.”

The “Little Man” star’s comment section exploded with people questioning him for pushing the headline and lusting over a white woman while others made jokes about his next movie.

“man that caption is beyond hilarious.”

“Why would you say that first sentence man.”

“Title of sketch show!! “Below The Rim”

“White Chicks Uncut.”

Among those who reprimanded Wayans’ post about the “Orange Is the New Black” star, a few commenters were quick to remind him that he was still in the doghouse for things he said regarding the recent Montgomery Riverfront brawl.

“Bye we still ain’t forget what you said about our cousins on the boat, and we remember her from OITNB.”

“We Hadn’t forgotten bruh!! It’s Too Soon.”

One individual asked, “Is he going through a midlife crisis ? WTF been wrong with this jigga.”

Wayans shared an excerpt of the brawl, showing Black people jumping a few of the white men after they retreated to their boat. He quoted Jason Alden’s new song in the caption writing, “How ‘bout we NOT ‘try that in a small town’…. S##t silly bro… let’s all just be love NOT war.”

Viral video captured the beginning of the fight, which shows the three white men arguing and then attacking a Black dock employee. Fans online viewed Wayans’ response as a condemnation, claiming he was siding with the white men who jumped the Black security guard instead of defending other Black folks who jumped railings and swam across the water to help him.

Fellow actor Jamie Foxx found himself in a similar situation, where he felt the need to defend what he wrote on social media. Many thought a comment he wrote about Jesus being killed was a jab at the Jewish community. 

Foxx went on to apologize, insisting his post was not, while Wayans sarcastically flipped it on the commentator’s heads for antagonizing him to respond.

“And why would I criticize Black people for defending themselves? That’s the thing about social media man it’s up for interpretation. Y’all tripping,” he said in a video response. “Black people know I love Black people. I’m Black.” 

Wayans claimed that the post just was “misinterpreted.”

Now people stuck on Manning’s rimming and not the overall post seem to be missing the message again.

Click here to watch the full video.

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