‘Logan Talk Like Vince But Act Like Tamar’: Tamar Braxton Left Speechless After Her Son Jokes About His Mom Dating a ‘White Boy,’ Fans Bring Up His Father Vince Herbert

Fans are almost certain that Tamar Braxton’s son is just a boy version of her after a recent video showed the singer who was left speechless by her child’s witty remark. 

The “Love & War” songstress frequently shows off her cooking skills by sharing videos of herself fixing variations of foods on TikTok. In her most recent upload, Braxton was accompanied by her 10-year-old child, Logan Vincent Herbert. She shares the pre-teen with her ex-husband, record producer Vincent Herbert

Fans say Tamar Braxton’s son, Logan, gets his extroverted attitude from her. (Pictured: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Throughout the video, viewers were able to see Braxton in the process of baking cookies while Logan can be heard speaking from outside of the frame. 

“We gonna make them a little bigger ‘cause I’m not making a whole bunch of them,” Braxton said. “Because if I make a whole bunch of ‘em, that lil 10-year-old over here…” 

“What am I gonna do?” Logan asked his mother, who quickly replied, “Eat them.”

The child then told Braxton, “I’m gonna eat them okay? I’m not J.R.”

Jeremy “J.R.” Robinson is an attorney and Braxton’s fiancé. The couple met on Peacock’s original dating show, “Queen’s Court,” and were engaged by the end of the season which aired earlier this year.

An unbothered Braxton responded, “Boy he be going in,” as she placed the uncooked cookies on a tray. 

“I’m just being honest,” the youngster suggested. “I’m not the man of God, I’m a child of God.”

The “Braxton Family Values” star let out a squeal, seemingly in agreement with Logan’s comment, before saying, “Okay!”

Logan continued to let his mom know, “And I don’t have a white boy on my roster.” 

His comment referenced the song “Area Codes” by rapper Kaliiii. As soon as the song begins, the Georgia-born artist can be heard saying, “Got a white boy on my roster, He be feeding me pasta and lobster.” 

It can also be inferred that Logan was throwing a little bit of shade at his mother, who is currently engaged to a white man. 

Braxton appeared to have felt the verbal jab her only child threw since her eyes widened, her jaw dropped and no words could be heard coming out of her mouth. As for Logan, he quickly burst into laughter. 

Their video was obtained by The Shade Room, which re-posted it to its Instagram page. The outlet’s comments section quickly filled with posts from amused social media users, who suggested that Logan’s attitude resembled his father’s.

One fan wrote, “That’s Vince all day cuz he lowkey used to be eatin Tamar UP.” Another comment read, “He really his daddy son Tamar ship him to his daddy.”

However, the majority of commenters expressed that the child’s personality matched his extroverted mother’s. 

“Logan talk like Vince but act like Tamar lmmfaoooo!!! You can’t get mad at your kids when they act like YOU!!!”

“She can’t even be mad bc he gets his mouth from her.”

“See they need a tv show!! Cuz I just know Logan has a mouth and attitude like his mama!”

Braxton found herself in the comments section as well, where she responded to social media users who deemed her child’s comment as disrespectful. 

“Unfortunately, ‘self-defense’ isn’t an excuse for a pop now days… plus it’s a song mama E said if you don’t want them to repeat don’t play it #lessonlearned.”

Tamar Braxton responds to fans who think her son’s comment on TikTok was disrespectful. (Pictured: The Shade Roon/ Instagram)

She also shared the video on her Instagram page, with the caption, “Do you punish a child who acts like you? What do u do tune into our new show at 8:30 on YOUTUBE all things black and white with me and @rarebreednola.”

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