‘Looks Like Tyson Bit Marlon’s Ear Too’: Marlon Wayans’ Joke on Evander Holyfield’s Ear Backfires After Fans Zoom In on His Ear

While the world should have been talking about Terence Crawford’s ninth-round TKO of Errol Spence Jr. to capture the undisputed welterweight championship on Saturday, July 29 comedian Marlon Wayans reminded them of another epic match-up.

The “Scary Movie” filmmaker was among the swarm of celebrities at the fight and happened to be sitting behind four-time boxing heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. He could not resist reminding people of the 1997 WBA Heavyweight Championship bout for Holyfield against a hungry-for-a-win Mike Tyson.

Fans are in tears after Marlon Wayans shares a photo of Evander Holyfield’s Ear. (Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram)

Wayans posted a few pictures on his Instagram, writing, “Yoooo, I’m at the fight. I’m sitting right behind Evander Holyfield… I must say Mike Tyson f**ked this n**ga ear up! My lil brother Craig Wayans begged me not to post this until after we left in Case @evanderholyfield saw this.”

He posted three images of the back of the boxer’s head and his right ear, the one where Tyson gnawed a piece off the lobe. He also posted a picture of him with a selfie, as if he could not stop staring at the ear.

Fans should be used to the prankster, but it seems this tickled them in a brand-new way. They were here for the clowning and for the jokester behind the silliness.

“Lmaooooooooo this took me out lol I could see this as an updated episode on Wayans brothers.”

@marlonwayans is a NATIONAL treasure!”

“Lol definitely can’t sit next to him at a funeral no sir”

“Marlon is EARITATING!!!”

“If playing too much was a person.”

“Did it grow back?”………. Now we’re lizards too.”

One person teased Marlon a little bit.

“Somebody said “It looks like Tyson bit Marlon’s ear too”, and I AM TF WEAK!”

While the fight happened a little over 26 years ago, the vicious unsportsmanlike attack remains one of the most outrageous events in boxing history.

The story is far from as funny as Wayans has made it. Tyson knew that Holyfield, the older boxer, was going to beat him in their super fight rematch.

During the Tyson-Holyfield third round, the Brownsville boxer bit Holyfield’s right ear, prompting referee Mills Lane to stop the fight and administer to Iron Mike a two-point penalty. Shockingly after the fight resumed, Tyson bit Holyfield again. This time, he chomped on the Real Deal’s left ear too.

The fight was halted again, with Lane then disqualifying Tyson, declaring Holyfield the winner, Fight City reported.

The two since have made amends and have even sat back and laughed about how ridiculous the incident was — one that as Wayans has pointed out left Holyfield disfigured. Fans were shocked at the maturity and the growth.

“You bite my ear off we beefing forever!! I never knew they actually sat and talked about the incident in the same room and laughing about it….He better than me chile.”

“Mike Tyson has grown so much since this!! Super proud of how he’s humbled himself.”

“To laugh about it later is kinda crazy. Shows you how little s##t don’t matter.”

Many years later, it seems many are laughing now.

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