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‘Looking Way Better In Her 50s Than She Ever Did’: Halle Berry Wows Fans After Showing Off Her Skateboarding Skills In Cheeky Bikini Photos

As her birthday nears, Halle Berry decided to let fans know her plans to slide into age 57 with style. 

Beauty At Its Finest Literally!': Halle Berry Takes a Walk on the ‘Wild Side’ with Latest Look
Halle Berry attends the Los Angeles premiere of “Moonfall” at TCL Chinese Theatre on Jan. 31, 2022, in Hollywood, California. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/WireImage)

The Academy Award-winning actress will say goodbye to 56 and hello to an older age on Aug. 14. According to a new photo uploaded on her Twitter account, Berry has chosen to welcome this milestone with a smile, a skateboard, and her ‘half naked’ body. 

On Thursday, July 27, the “Boomerang” star shared an image online that showed her riding a wooden board underneath a ray of sunlight. In the photo, Berry can be seen sporting a white T-shirt and bathing suit bottoms as she seemingly enjoyed a ride in the street. 

“Sliding into Leo season,” she captioned her post. 

Berry’s image attained over 4.6 million views with more than 6,900 retweets and over 1,200 quote tweets. 

While social media users didn’t hesitate to notice how gracefully the “Monster’s Ball” actress appeared to be aging, there were a few commenters who suggested that she was too “old” to be posing “half naked” on the internet.

“Must you be half naked. Jeez!”

“Looks more like desperation. U r too old to be seeking attention from the internet.  U should be in ur classy stage not this stage dear.” 

Nevertheless, the love and support Berry received overpowered all of the critics. “Never too old to do what the h—l you want. Not thirsty at all,” one fan wrote in response to the above comment. 

A few additional comments included:

“Y’all know what it is. Every so often Halle gotta drop a tweet to let everyone know she still one of the finest to ever walk the Earth.”

“Halle been looking way better in her 50s than she ever did.” 

This isn’t the first time that fans of Berry felt obligated to help her fight off haters. In April, critics attempted to come at the mother of two for posting a nude photo of herself online. 

While supporters rallied behind her, it didn’t appear as if Berry needed any assistance clapping back at the haters. 

After reading a Twitter user’s comment suggesting that she was aging without dignity, Berry responded, “Did you guys know the heart of a shrimp is located in its head?”

It can be inferred from the number of racy photos she has shared online that Berry is unafraid to show off her bare body.

In addition to Berry, a few other celebrities who qualify as a Leo include Viola Davis, Meagan Good, Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburne, and the late Whitney Houston.

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