‘Need to See Them Fingers on the Keys’: Steve Harvey Gushes Over Video of Marjorie Harvey Playing the Piano, But Fans Say Something Isn’t Right 

Marjorie Harvey is a successful fashion designer, a popular social media influencer and perhaps a skilled pianist. 

The wife of “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey decided to reveal her hidden talent in an Instagram video that was uploaded on her page on Sunday, July 23. 

Marjorie Harvey’s video showing off her piano skills goes left when social media users say something is off. (Pictured: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

In her recording, Majorie can be seen sitting behind a polished brown piano as music exudes from the instrument. The 58-year-old’s body moved back and forth as she maintained a wide grin seconds before she began singing a lyrical tune. 

“The Lady Loves Couture” blogger didn’t have much to say for her caption, adding only a winky face emoji along with two keyboard emojis underneath her post. As of now, Harvey’s video has received more than 500,000 plays with over 43,000 likes and more than 1,200 reactions. 

Majorie’s philanthropist husband, 66, left a message in her comments section: “I love you.” 

While his note was a sweet reminder, there were several social media users who noticed that Majorie’s fingers were never shown in the video. Many found the decision not to capture her hand movements on the keys as a weird action, and even began accusing Harvey of faking the funk. 

“Sounds perfect, but  was waiting to see the hands flowing on the keyboard.” 

“Real piano players know she’s not really playing. Lol.” 


“I’m a need to see them fingers on those keys.” 

Marjorie’s post was soon obtained by The Shade Room, which reshared the video on its Instagram page. This prompted heavy critics to question her talents as a whole. 

“She’s not playing the piano. Her talent is catching men with money. That’s it.”

“I wanna be her when I grow up. Just living life off my husbands money.” 

Marjorie and Steve have been a high-profile couple for nearly two decades. The two recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary and rang in this milestone with a luxurious photo shoot in Italy. 

The stylish couple first met in the late ‘80s at a comedy club in Memphis, Tennessee. In a four-year-old episode of Steve’s former daytime talk show, “Steve,” Marjorie revealed that the comedian’s first words to her were, “I don’t know who this is, but I’m gon’ marry her.” 

“That’s really it,” Steve said to the amped-up audience. 

Though they first met back in 1987, the couple didn’t become exclusive until 2005 after reconnecting. Two years later, they said their “I Do’s” and have been going strong ever since

Both Marjorie and Steve have children from previous relationships, and blended their families together. Their children include Karli, Brandi, Jason, Broderick Jr., Morgan, Wynton, model Lori Harvey, and several grandchildren.

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