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‘You Go Girl, Know Your Worth’: Fans Cheer on Marjorie Harvey When Steve Recounts the Ultimatum She Gave After Hearing Him on the Phone with Another Woman 

Over the years, Steve and Marjorie Harvey have given fans a look into their solid union by sharing various social media posts. Some activities included the pair’s fishing trip and lavish Paris vacation for Fashion Week.

Despite the couple — married now since 2007 — appearing to live the high life, on Sept. 3, Steve took to his Instagram account where he shared a resurfaced clip while recalling a time when he almost lost Marjorie.

In the 2018 video from Steve’s self-titled daytime television show, the comedian revealed that Marjorie gave him an ultimatum after she found out that he was entertaining another woman.

Although the exact timeline wasn’t provided, Marjorie revealed it occurred after Steve was freshly single following his divorce from his second wife, Mary Lee Harvey, in 2005. Following the remarks, Steve shared that Marjorie’s “small threat” came after she overheard him on the phone with an unidentified woman.

Without disclosing details about the conversation, he said, “What actually happened was, she was in my place in New York. My phone rang while she was over there asleep on the couch and the phone rang and it was a girl. I’m over there against the window at my desk talking but I hung up.”

Further in his speech, Steve revealed that he didn’t know that Marjorie had overheard the brief discussion and was stunned to find her packing in the middle of the night.

He said, “I didn’t know that she heard it, so I fell asleep and then I heard some noise in the hallway about three o’clock in the morning, and it was her with her coat on and her bags packed. She was rolling them up the hallway.”

Steve added that when he tried to address the situation, Marjorie claimed that she was going home because the comedian wasn’t serious about being in a committed relationship.”I went in there; I said, ‘What’s happening?’ She said, ‘I’m going home. When you are ready for something special and real, you come get me.’ “

Toward the end of the video, Steve shared that following Marjorie’s ultimatum, he decided to give up his bachelor ways by breaking his phone and throwing it to the ground.

He said, “I took that phone. I snapped that phone in half at 3 o’clock in the morning and threw it on the ground.”

As fans viewed the upload, many applauded Marjorie for standing her ground and knowing her worth.

“My kind of girl… if I’m still available. Nothing less.”

“Bravo…know your worth, then add tax,,I admire this woman.”

“@marjorie_harvey you go girl, know you worth.”

“Because she had and still has standards! Well done @marjorie_harvey.”

“@marjorie_harvey I was just telling someone this story last night. I remember and think about this story so often as women were afraid to use our voice and walk away. Thank you.”

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