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‘Is It Because I Got A Little Buns ? And I’m Thick ?’: Reginae Carter Slams YouTube for Flagging a Video of Her In a Thong Bikini

Reginae Carter has called out YouTube after the video-sharing platform flagged one of her most recent uploads.

In the 24-year-old’s newest video titled “I Finally Did It !! Cheers To New Beginnings,” she is seen celebrating her big move to Los Angeles. Carter has brought fans along with her on this new journey through several other videos that vlogged her house-hunting experience.

While commemorating this milestone, the “Boxed In” actress decided to go to her father rapper Lil Wayne’s house.

While there, she and her friend rocked bikinis, enjoyed a swim in Wayne’s gigantic pool, drank alcoholic beverages, and attempted to play basketball. 

Reginae Carter calls out YouTube after the platform flags her bikini video. (Photo: Reginae Carter/YouTube)

The video has now gained over 92,000 views. But one day after the video’s upload Carter ran to Twitter, where she called out YouTube for flagging her video.

Videos that receive a “flag” means that whatever content was posted went against Community Guidelines. Sometimes flagging can result in a video being removed altogether. 

Her video also received an age-restriction flag, meaning only those 18 years and up can be able to watch the video.

Carter addressed her frustration by writing, “What’s the flag pooh @YouTube @YouTubeCreators y’all be hating so bad and it’s getting unattractive.” 

A Twitter user replied to Carter by describing YouTube’s guidelines: “Naw you can’t show yourself in bathing suits it’s going to be flagged everytime it’s too much skin!!”

She then replied, “I see white creators in bathing suits all the time.” 

Carter also quote tweeted the user’s response and wrote, “It is because I got a little buns ? And I’m thick ? Lol.” 

One user wrote back, “I think it’s the booty,” to which the socialite answered, “Gotta take that up with my fine a– mama . I can’t help I’m fine now . Lol.” 

A few fans rallied behind Carter and urged her to keep creating the type of content she wants regardless of the possible effects. 

Y’all better let her be great!!!”

Sis, they gave you a flag because your body is bodying in your vlog. You look great, but YouTube said them cheeks was cheeking!! Suns out buns out!! Love it.” 

Despite her disappointment at YouTube’s strike against her recent upload, Carter is still planning to drop more videos and vlogs, which she announced via Twitter.

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