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‘My Girl Eats Everytimeeee’: Reginae Carter’s New Post of Her All-Black Look Leaves Fans Amazed Over Her Snatched Figure

Reginae Carter has switched up her style over the past seven days.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old rocked a short hairdo with blue jeans and blinged-out undergarments. But three days later she popped out wearing a long black straight wig that stops just at her hips.

On July 13, Carter shared new photos on Instagram of herself in an all-black lace bodysuit with cutouts that hugged her curves and snatched waist, paired with black booties. In one of the images, she can be seen posing next to her friend, Abby, who wore a black dress with white trim and white heels.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter and friend Abby. (Photos: @reginaecarter/Instagram)

“Glow ahead , It’s Your time baby,” Carter wrote in the caption.

Her post has received over 50,000 likes and thousands of comments from fans who were left drooling over her sick body, glowing skin, and her gorgeous smile.

“Lil Wayne’s biggest hit featuring Toya.”

“Nae is so stunning!”

“My girl eats everytimeeee.”


“I don’t care how many people try to hate on this young lady, try to discredit her looks, or defame her character. You have to give credit when credit is due. This girl is naturally gorgeous. It’s not forced, “It is what it is!” Normalize complimenting each other! Keep glowing and growing, sis!”

Her mother even chimed in writing, “You are so beautiful @abbyroselynn_ too.”

While fans are loving Carter’s all-black look, critics were not happy about her sporting a dazzling silver bandeau and matching undergarments to a 1990s-2000s themed party.

Two critics wrote: “I see why Ar’mon lost interest now. What happened to being classy??? He wants a lady not a woman that shows her whole body like this for attention.”

“Why is everything bout bein sexy? Put sum d-mn clothes on.”

Carter and YouTuber Ar’mon Warren reportedly split in June after airing out some of their relationship issues on social media.

Warren tweeted that he “lost all respect” for the young entrepreneur after she shared a tweet about “love bombing.” He further addressed his remarks and other rumors that he cheated on Carter in a YouTube video.

The I FIT IN founder hit back with her own video on her channel where she expressed that they had a deep love for each other that goes further back than any tweet.

“I had a great time with Ar’mon,” Carter shared. “I loved experiencing him. I loved just being in his space, and I feel like he loved, I mean he felt the same way.”

She advised her fans to be more self-aware and shared that she was working on herself in therapy.

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