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‘What One Gotta Do with the Other?’: Reginae Carter Under Fire for Making an ‘Uneducated’ Connection to ‘Black on Black Crime’ and a Social Media App

Reginae Carter typically trends online for her slim waist and bangin’ body.

However, her recent comparison between two very different situations has fans not only scratching their heads but also bashing the young adult’s thought process. 

Reginae Carter receives backlash from social media users after making a drastic comparison online. (Photo: itsreginaecarter/Instagram)

The 24-year-old socialite decided to share her thoughts surrounding the new Instagram app Threads. This text-based creation allows folks to have real-time conversations with one another, similar to Twitter. Though it officially launched on July 5, Threads has received over 30 million signups. This makes the newly released app the most rapidly downloaded product. 

Once news about the app’s success hit Spiritual World’s Instagram page, Carter found it appropriate to compare the quickness of its attained users to crime in the Black community. 

“I wish we came together to stop  black on black crime like y’all all downloading this app,” she wrote. 

Reginae Carter faces backlash for making a drastic comparison to “Black on Black” crime. (Photo: @itsreginaecarter/Instagram)

Carter’s desire was soon reshared on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page, where several commenters couldn’t find the correlation in her statement. 

“Chileeee these celebrity children be so uneducated but have the platform to act like it. And they kill me every time.” 

“Girl shut up.”

“So who is going to tell her that Black on Black crime doesn’t exist and that crime usually occurs because of opportunity and proximity?”

“Now what one gotta do with the other?”

Despite the major backlash, there were a few comments who seemed to understand where the actress was coming from. That explains comments such as, “Call it whatever y’all want. But WE need to stop killing each other first before anyone else can consider not killing us. and if you disagree with That whose really the ignorant one?”

Another user wrote, “And she ain’t wrong!”

Carter addressed the public criticism on Twitter writing, “It’s the small minded people saying huh ? To my post on ig . Lol yes I feel it’s weird y’all go ans rush to get an app because twitter is changing but this whole world is a mess and nobody is doing s–t about it !!!!”

In an additional tweet, she noted that her post wasn’t geared to insult anyone. “I’m very straight forward . I don’t mean to come off as rude or offensive,” she continued. “I have to work on my approach in certain situations. Gotta work on being a little softer because I’m really the sweetest.”

Though she’s currently facing backlash for her drastic comparison, the “I FIT IN” creator was previously receiving praise for her stunning ensembles during the four-day Essence Festival event. 

Nevertheless, it seems as if Carter’s comments have completely overshadowed the recent plaudits for the fashionista’s trendy style.

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