‘I Don’t Know Who or What to Believe’: John Amos Fans Remain Concerned After Son K.C. Reveals His Dad’s IG Was ‘Hacked,’ Claims the Actor Has Become Victim of Identity Theft

John Amos has made headlines over the past few weeks after his daughter, Shannon, claimed that the acting veteran was a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation. 

The “Good Times” star since has denied his daughter’s statement and alternately accused her of exploiting him in a now-deleted Instagram shared by his son, K.C. Amos. 

While the public back and forth between the family members has appeared to die down, K.C. revealed that his father is still being attacked. 

In a recent post shared on the 52-year-old’s Instagram, he expressed that his father’s Instagram account was hacked and was stripped away of any content that they uploaded.

K.C. Amos shares that John Amos’ Instagram account was hacked. (@k.c.amos/Instagram)

“Chillin back east w the ‘8 Eyes’ Squad enjoying some #ChitChat @chitchatdiner & kickin it w @rashedawallace the #QueenBee Pops account had been hacked @officialjohnamos they removed any content we placed there. Next they will comment to snitching on each other,” K.C. wrote underneath the series of photos compiled into one video.

Amos has a pattern of regularly sharing videos and photos online. However, a large chunk of his posts has been deleted for whatever reason. As seen on his Instagram his feed jumps from the month of February to May, erasing three months of content. 

After sharing the information online, K.C.’s post was met with worrisome fans who found his statement alarming. 

“I wish they would just let him live!!! Let him enjoy his life.”

“Why can’t people be good? Great picture of you and Pops.”

“I don’t know who or what to believe.”

A few other users kept their comments positive, mentioning how healthy Amos seemed to look amid his recent month-long hospitalization. 

“Your Pop is looking good. Thank you Jesus. You’re a good son.” 

“Love, love, love this. Dad looks great and it warms my heart to see y’all together.” 

Shortly before K.C. made this PSA, he shared a video of him and Amos speaking to a female operator on the phone. During the call, he’s heard disclosing that his father was a victim of identity theft. This caused the 83-year-old to change all of his information, including his email address. 

K.C.’s involvement in his father’s healing journey has been questioned by Shannon, whose reps confirmed that K.C. was removed as Amos’ “medical power of attorney.” 

While Shannon has placed blame on her brother, he’s pointed the finger at his sister for causing trouble within their family and for being money hungry.

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