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‘An Important Step In the Healing of My Father’: Reps for John Amos’ Daughter Claim His Son K.C. No Longer Has ‘Medical Power of Attorney’ Over Their Father Amid Concerns of Alleged Elder Abuse

Authorities have been investigating elder abuse claims from John Amos‘ daughter, Shannon, after she alleged that the beloved actor was a victim of financial exploitation.

The “Good Times” star denied her claims and instead accused her “taking advantage” of him in an Instagram video shared by his son, Kelly. K.C. Amos.

Actor John Amos, his son Kelly “K.C.” and his daughter, Shannon. (Photos: @k.c.amos/Instagram; @officialshannonamos/Instagram)

The 83-year-old alleged that he and Shannon had “ongoing issues” prior to him being hospitalized in Memphis since May 14.

Amos insisted he was in recovery and comfortable with the support and medical assistance his son arranged for him. Later, the GoFundMe account Shannon set up on June 7 to receive support for Amos was deactivated after raising $13,000 from over 300 donors.

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Now, Shannon has put forward new claims regarding the “Roots” star’s health and her brother’s involvement in his care.

“My priority has always been the safety, stability, and well-being of my father,” she said in a statement shared with Parade magazine.

According to Shannon’s reps, K.C. was “successfully removed as John’s medical power of attorney and no longer has the authority to make medical decisions for his father who is now recovering under the care of other family members.”

The daughter of the veteran actor also reportedly served her brother with a cease-and-desist order. She is requesting that K.C. be ordered to “stop making false statements on public platforms which have caused defamation to her reputation and harm to her business.”

“Removing Mr. Kelly K.C. Amos as medical power of attorney is an important step in the healing of my father and family,” said Shannon. “While I had hoped that this family matter could remain private, recent allegations accusing me of elder abuse and other false statements have forced me to take legal action.”

The 56-year-old world traveler and spiritual leader continued on Instagram sharing a copy of a newspaper article about Amos’ health.

In the caption Shannon began with a personal quote writing, “‘In the sacred pursuit of healing generational trauma, I embrace the profound pain it entails. To mend deep wounds, we must courageously delve into their roots.” – S. Amos.'”

She went on to thank everyone for the “outpouring” of support, “prayers, and compassion” they’ve expressed for “America’s Dad.”

“Let us also extend our empathetic embrace to those battling mental health and addiction, forces that too often fracture the bonds of kinship,” Shannon continued. “Together, with the power of infinite love, we will create a path of restoration and profound transformation.”

Initially, she stated that her father was being taken advantage of by a “caregiver” though she never revealed their name or named her brother as a suspect.

However, K.C. shared a few posts, which fans believe point the finger at Shannon as “the primary suspect,” as Amos previously stated. On June 13, he shared a screenshot of messages he received from another individual, alleging his sister was “to get whatever money she can get.”

The message also claims that Shannon tried to “frame” K.C. back in 2009 by “calling adult protection against you when you we’re taking care of your mom.”

K.C. is known for posting videos with his dad on social media, which has apparently slowed down since the latest reports. He recently shared a TikTok video as a dedication post to their mom, Noel Jean Mickelson. It featured photos of him, her, Amos, and Shannon.

Over the last 48 hours, K.C. has shared a video of him smelling a tree of Jasmine flowers and another of him throwing a white towel at a mirror. He has yet to address reports about him being removed as power of attorney.

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