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‘She Was Taking Advantage of Me: Actor John Amos Accuses His Daughter of Elder Abuse from Hospital Bed After She Claimed He was Being Exploited By a ‘Caregiver’

John Amos has made headlines over the past week after his daughter took to social media and claimed her father was a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation. After initially denying her claims, he now says she is the person who has been abusing him.

The “Good Times” actor’s only daughter Shannon Amos started a GoFundMe alleging her father was in dire straits on June 7. She said he was in the Intensive Care Unit in Memphis, TN after being hospitalized on May 14.

In response, local authorities in Colorado, where Amos was living, launched an investigation into the daughter’s claim. Amos has since vehemently denied this as well.

Actor John Amos, his son K.C. and his daughter, Shannon. (Photos: @k.c.amos/Instagram; @officialshannonamos/Instagram)

On June 15, a new video was posted to the beloved television dad’s Instagram page, featuring himself sitting in a hospital bed. Amos was accompanied by his son K.C. in the video as he spoke to someone on the phone about his rising concerns for his daughter.

A voice can be heard telling him to explain what legal matter he had going on, to which he replied, “OK, I’m an 83-year-old man and I have two children.”

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The “Good Times” actor said, “My son is here with me in the hospital in Memphis. He is at my bedside.”

“I’m not in the hospital as a result of anything that happened recently, other than the fact that about a month ago I was hospitalized because I was suffering from,” he paused before motioning his hand toward K.C., “water retention and a couple of other issues. All of which have been corrected or at least addressed.”

Amos shared that he is “very capable” and “confident” in the medical team that his son has pulled together for him.

But said his “main issues” were his “ongoing issues” with his daughter that started before he was hospitalized.

“I feel she was taking advantage of me and she would be the primary suspect if you would. I don’t know if that’s the right term to use or not, but she’s the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to and it’s definitely a case of elderly abuse,” said the “Roots” star.

Social media users chimed in immediately, with his official profile getting seven thousand likes on the post within a two-hour span. One of the major concerns is that the family squabble about Amos’ health is being played out on social media and not behind closed doors.

“I pray this man is able to rest and his family keeps his dignity by staying OFF social media with the points they are selfishly trying to prove,” one person wrote.

“People are concerned. But why should this man have to go on social media and explain his personal health issues? It’s his business,” said another. “I’m glad he’s fine but we need to draw the line and give people room to deal with personal matters.”

One person questioned why the esteemed acting veteran would even care about public opinion.

“This is very embarrassing for a man of his stature to be on social media trying to show what to the world?” they began. “The only one you need to prove anything to is God. This is very sad and I pray that you not take your father through this.”

Adding, “The truth holds itself up without having to be proven. Take heed and focus on the care of your father instead of a bunch of social media strangers. May Mr. Amos be blessed and may God be with all who is caring for him in honesty.”

Some fans, still concerned about the public back and forth, have decided to side with the child they believe has the best intentions.

“It is so sad that it had to come to you having to make such a statement. We see the relationship with your son and we see that it is genuine and it’s sincere. I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Amos,” one said.

Another commenter wrote, “Something is wrong with this post. He’s in a hospital bed and wants to address the rumors. Hmmmm, I think the daughter is telling the truth. In my opinion, I think the son is doing something that is not right.”

A third said, “Idk which one of John Amos’ kids to believe, but something ain’t right!”

The suspicions about whether or not Amos’ daughter or son were the culprits abusing their elderly father. Many were first suspicious of K.C., who often shares daily TikTok videos of him and Amos on Instagram. He documents their annual vacations and trips out of the country.

On June 13, he shared a screenshot from his friend, alleging that Shannon is spreading false claims.

The person wrote, “I personally whitenesses your sister try to frame you in 2009 with calling adult protection against you when you we’re taking care of your mom Which I know was a lie I was there. I’m more than willing to talk to authorities on your behalf because I’ve witnessed this behaviors for years and I know the root is to get whatever money she can get.”

Shannon launched a GoFundMe account on behalf of Amos to help with his care and support, which were also reportedly expected to help with care, legal fees, and aftercare once released from the hospital. The account has accumulated over $13,000 out of the requested $500,000.

She alleged a “caregiver” was exploiting the three-time “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” guest star and “alleged perpetrators” had “stripped” his home of valuables. Shannon doubled down on her claims in an Instagram video where she said there’s more to the story.

She said she couldn’t “name names” at the time, but now more suspicions have already been placed on her.

Fans are hoping for the best outcome for all parties involved, but another video has raised even more concern than before. The two-year-old audio clip features a conversation between Amos and his daughter about her brother K.C.

It features Amos and Shannon discussing the idea of doing a drug intervention to save K.C.’s life. They also talked about how to “stop him from “misusing” the actor’s money, the way that he allegedly admitted to stealing and wasting his mother’s money while she was in the hospital.

The release of this video publicly coincidentally coincides with the fight over public opinion, as fans try and decipher which of the offspring are genuinely looking out for their father’s best interest.

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