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‘Who She Pay for That Degree’: Fans Defend Blac Chyna After Critics Question How She Obtained an Honorary Degree from a Bible College

Blac Chyna is celebrating another achievement since refocusing her life on her well-being and religious faith.

The model and reality star, who now goes by her given name Angela White, shared a series of videos and photos showing off her newly obtained honorary liberal arts degree. She was among the graduates at the 2023 commencement ceremony for Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.

Blac Chyna shares that she has earned an honorary doctoral degree. (Photos: Blacchyna/Instagram

White, 35, posted a snippet from her commencement ceremony, where she was presented with a doctorate of humanities, formally making her Dr. Angela White.

“The degree of Doctor of Humanities is an honorary degree awarded to those who have distinguished themselves through humanitarian and philanthropic contributions to society,” she wrote in the caption. White previously announced in an April Instagram post that she had earned a doctorate of liberal arts.

In her speech, she gave thanks to God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus. “God has never given up on me. I’ve been through a lot in my life,” said White as she got emotional on stage.

She went on to say, “I want to continue to walk in his light and learn and grow and be an inspiration to my family, my friends, and my kids. And most of all, make God and Jesus, proud of me.”

Fans in her comment section seem to be excited for the mom of two for marking yet another milestone in her healing journey since removing her face fillers and plastic surgery.

“You went back and did it boo!! So proud of you.”

“U made me cry wonder speech indeed God loves you so much keep the light shine upon you sis.”

“Yayyyyyy congratulations Ang I am so proud of you this is so powerful, inspiring & beautiful love you sis.”

However, a handful of users were less supportive and more critical of how she obtained a degree. Two asked: “So a participation degree?” and “Can someone explain how she got this degree? Was she in school this whole time.”

“Who she pay for that degree or we still f—king 4 degrees and not money,” wrote another person doubtful of how the former exotic dancer managed to earn the degree.


Back in May, White appeared on Zeus Network’s show “Baddies East” — as a judge and not a hopeful baddie — during the audition process.

White shared other posts of her official degrees and other selfies she took in her cap and gown.

In response to the criticism, one person said, “It’s crazy how people beat you down with. Words trying to bring you down? You didn’t have to prove to them, but you prove to yourself congratulation, Angela, white.”

The mom of two has used a significant portion of the first half of 2023 to show fans how she has evolved since embarking on a healing journey. In the past few months, she has removed fillers from her face and derrière, undergone laser removal of a “demonic” tattoo, and recommitted herself to the Christian faith. 

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