‘A Huge Inconvenience: Metro Atlanta Residents Blame Rick Ross’ Car Show for a Trashed Parking Lot Despite County’s Belief That the Event Went ‘Very Well’

Rick Ross’ highly anticipated car and bike show is finally over and the reviews are in.

The rap mogul hosted his second annual event over the weekend at his massive estate in Fayetteville, Georgia. Despite the previous reluctance from his neighbors and county officials, this year’s event was a hit and reportedly less chaotic than his 2022 car and bike show. 

Rick Ross’ car show is an impressive event despite 19 medical emergencies and a trashed parking lot three blocks from his event trashed. (Pictured: @richforever/Instagram)

If fans can recall, Ross received numerous complaints from his neighbors who felt “locked in,” and “unnecessarily compromised” by the number of attendees that were expected to visit his Promise Land mansion. 

Ahead of Ross’ shindig, WSB-TV reported that over 6,000 people were expected to be in attendance. His community was so turned off that they signed petitions in an attempt to shut down his event altogether. 

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Fayette County officials also denied Ross a permit to host his show, a decision that later was reversed. 

The predicted count was pretty accurate, according to the outlet, which reported that Ross’ car show drew in more than 6,000 individuals. However, this time around, the jam-packed occasion went “well,” or at least that’s what Fayette County official Sheriff Barry Babb believes.

“Everything has run very well, considering the amount of people and the small trafficways we have here,” Babb told the Atlanta television station. “It’s because he hired a good team.”

The “Diced Pineapples” rapper’s event planner also reportedly communicated well with officials in order to have the event run as smoothly as possible. 

Regardless of Ross’ impressive outcome, the night still had a few hiccups. One in particular involved around 19 medical emergencies that transpired during the show, a source informed TMZ. Thankfully, medics were on the scene to help. 

Four individuals were reportedly transferred to a hospital, though only one case ended up being more serious. 

Ross’ car show ended around 6 p.m., but, patrons are currently unhappy with how attendees left a popular plaza parking lot nearby.

Shoppers and workers who arrived at the Main Street South Fulton plaza on Old National Highway following his June 3 event couldn’t believe their eyes or noses at the chaos left in the Kroger parking lot.

“It smells. It stinks. Look at all this trash,” shopper Shanette Parks told 95.5 WSB. “It’s so just ugh.” 

Rick Ross’ car show blamed for trashed parking lot three blocks from his event at his estate. (Pictured: @WBSTV Screenshot)

Barber Diallo Shers, who cuts hair at a shop in the plaza, also was taken aback after witnessing all of the debris lying around. 

“I’m seeing a nuisance. It looks like an eyesore,” he stated. “I mean, imagine if you were coming from another side of town. You came and saw this. You wouldn’t want to stop here, would you?” 

While a few have placed the blame on Ross, his attorney has denied that the event had any connection to the trashed parking lot — which is located three blocks from Ross’ property. Many people reportedly were partying in that lot on the day the car show was held.

Video footage of the plaza was obtained by The Neighborhood Talk, where several commenters shared mixed opinions about who should be blamed for the mess. 

“The distance between the two spots are not even that close to be blaming him.”

“That’s exactly why them folks ain’t want him to have it there to start with lol.”

“He didn’t make them do so how’s he the blame them folks grown they should be held accountable not him.” 

“And a huge inconvenience and disregard for the neighborhood.”

Ross has not publicly addressed the accusations but has since announced an upcoming pool party happening at his large estate. The upcoming event is scheduled to take place on July 2.

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