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‘Nobody’s Ever Done One for Me’: Oprah Winfrey Says She was Touched By Gayle King’s ‘Memorable’ Gesture During Their Girls Trip to Italy

If Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King weren’t best friends goals before, fans say they certainly are now after finding out what took place during their trip to Italy. 

Back in April, the two ladies were joined by Gayle’s daughter, Kirby, filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and their friend Urania. They visited a medical spa, took walks around the lake, and spent a few days in Rome, according to Oprah Daily.

Oprah Winfrey reveals the most ‘memorable’ gift Gayle King gifted her. (Photo: @oprah/Instagram)

Gayle and Oprah reflected on their trip during a new episode of their beloved YouTube series, “The OG Chronicles.” The quick videos consist of King and Winfrey answering fans’ questions and discussing trending topics. 

In the latest episode on Wednesday, May 31, the two best friends were asked about the most memorable vacation they have taken together.

Without hesitation, King ranked their recent Italy trip at the top of her list, saying, “This Italy one is top of mine. But we’ve been to some great vacations.”

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Winfrey invited the ladies to the Palazzo Fiuggi resort in central Italy for a memorable girls’ trip.

“This last vacation with all of you guys at Palazzo Fiuggi was so meaningful to me,” Winfrey said. “Because it was a full circle moment to be able to take all of my friends on vacation. It was really nice.” 

King then revealed that the former talk show host willingly paid for the fivesome’s trip. “I said OK!” shared the 68-year-old while closing her imaginary wallet with her hands.

While they embarked on various excursions in southern Europe, one gesture from King really solidified the trip as more memorable than others, according to Winfrey. 

“We went on a shopping spree too,” she said. “I love a good shopping spree. Nothing better than to be able to shop and be able to fit into clothes. And, y’all know I got new knees, so I can fit into clothes.” 

She continued, “I was going to my favorite store and I, they had pulled out racks of things and I was buying things and buying things. And at the end of the, when I went up to pay the bill, they said Gayle had already paid.”

The 69-year-old revealed that her longtime friend’s selfless act marked the first time someone did that for her, “That was the first time that ever happened to me!”

A joyous King, 68, also confessed that it was her first time ever paying for a friend’s shopping spree, “I was so happy to be able to do that because I’ve never been able to do that.”

Winfrey deemed this act as “memorable” due to her never having anyone give to her despite her always giving to others. 

“I’ve done a lot of shopping sprees for other people, nobody’s ever done one for me,” Winfrey said as she caressed King’s arm. 

Winfrey underwent double knee surgery twice last year in August and November, as mentioned in her “‘The Life You Want” class on gratitude. Since then, she’s been back hiking and taking long walks with ease after not being able to lift her leg during recovery.

Before the video closed, Winfrey jokingly suggested that King could afford to cash out on her friends because “She’s on CBS and CNN.” 

Italy is just one of many adventures the powerhouse duo has been a part of together. Both women were featured in People magazine’s “Beautiful Issue” on friendship.

A heavy snowstorm and a sleepover are what led to Winfrey and King’s decades-long friendship.

While Winfrey and King working at WJZ-TV in Baltimore at ages 22 and 21, respectively, a horrible storm was headed their way. Winfrey was a news anchor at the time, and King was the production assistant and a writer at the station. They weren’t complete strangers at the time but they hardly knew each other. The creator of OWN Network went on to invite King back to her place for safety purposes.

“We ended up talking all night long,” Winfrey said. “We’ve literally been friends ever since.”

Since then, the two have remained inseparable for nearly 48 years.

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