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‘Explain How Gayle King Is Going to Help?’: CNN Employees Are Reportedly Furious Over Gayle King’s Expected $12 Million Salary After Being Told ‘There’s No Money’ at the Network

Gayle King‘s impending evening show on CNN is ruffling feathers at the network, according to RadarOnline. The “CBS Mornings” host will reportedly earn $12 million for the gig, which apparently has “infuriated” current CNN employees.

Gayle King
Gayle King (Photo: Gayleking/Instagram)

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that King and ex-NBA star Charles Barkley were both in talks to host a weekly evening news show on the network. While Barkley confirmed the report, he also said nothing was set in stone.

CNN’s viewership declined 35 percent during the year’s first quarter, with only 535,000 primetime viewers. The quarterly ratings are the network’s lowest since 2015. A source told RadarOnline that employees were angry King may be paid so well while being told the network’s funds were low after 400 employees were laid off last December.

“Everyone has been told there’s no money, yet they’re managing to scrape up cash to pay Gayle King,” that person is quoted as saying. “It’s incredibly tone-deaf, as well as being rude to the hard-working people who’ve been toiling here for years!”

The source also claimed that King was offered a deal to stay at CBS that would allow her to do the CNN primetime show as well. The outlet also claimed that CNN producer Chris Licht would allow King to “write her own check” due to the low ratings on the network.

“Explain how Gayle King is going to help? Really! They couldn’t have hired someone from the number two rated show, or God forbid, number one?”

The source also claimed that although no deal is set, it should be finalized very soon.

“Gayle will not only be the highest paid person at CNN, she and Charles will be the highest paid on-air pair,” said another source. “It will also make Gayle one of the highest-paid people on television when you add her CBS contract into the mix.”

While some CNN employees may be bothered by King’s reported salary, others were thrilled for the 68-year-old on social media.

One fan wrote, “Alright, Miss Gayle!!!”

“Get that money,” noted another. “Damn!!”

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5 thoughts on “‘Explain How Gayle King Is Going to Help?’: CNN Employees Are Reportedly Furious Over Gayle King’s Expected $12 Million Salary After Being Told ‘There’s No Money’ at the Network

  1. Timothy Hobson says:

    HELLO people, don’t be upset when someone else’s ship comes in. Wether she is worthy of the position or salary is solely based on the employer and if they feel she is ael she is a asset to their product then just respect it and wish her well.

  2. Leonard D says:


  3. Grègory Van Leer Sr says:

    Charles doing news is a joke!!

  4. Kathy Totman says:

    I’m missing seeing you on CBS in the morning-please, please don’t dilute your time with CNN-they want you to turn around their sinking ship-you’re better than this.

  5. Jerilynn Anderton says:

    CNN ratings have tanked because they decided to stop being tough on the anti-democracy, right wing crazies, sort og FOX News Light. Gayle King will just be the worst of more is the same. I stopped watching CNN when they changed their approach, and this certainly will not draw me back. Good luck, losers

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