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Black and Streaming: From Eva Marcille In ‘All the Queen’s Men’ to Mike Tyson In ‘Medallion’: Here are 17 TV Shows and Movies Hitting Streaming Services This Weekend

As spring begins to turn to summer, streaming platforms are busy sharing more and more new content. There’s loads of new, nostalgic, and soon-to-be classic series and movies dropping on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Starz and more.

This week’s “What to Watch” list features movies from the 1990s to now, as well as iconic series that bring viewers back to their childhoods, such as “The Snoopy Show.”

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson makes a rare appearance in a British movie about a man trying to save his kidnapped brother.

If you’re looking to laugh, check out a special from “Bad Boys” actor Martin Lawrence and the comedic drama “The Cookout” with Queen Latifah and Meagan Good. On the other hand, you may find that after a few minutes of watching Kevin Hart in “About Last Night,” you’ll end up switching movies.

Last but not least, both “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Run the World” are back with new episodes, and the chaos is still brewing with the ladies from both, respectively, the reality show and the scripted series.

Here’s a list of movies and TV shows hitting streaming services this weekend.

Amazon Prime Video 

  • Above the Rim (1994) In the early years of his career, Duane Martin played a high-school basketball star stuck between showing his loyalty to a drug dealer, played by Tupac Shakur, and an ex-player, played by Leon. The film also stars a young Marlon Wayans, Bernie Mac and Byron Minns.
  • All The Queen’s Men (2021) Actress Eva Marcille plays headmistress and club owner Madam Devill, who runs an exotic male strip club. She’s successful and fierce and demands respect from her team of trusted employees who will literally do whatever she asks, and we do mean anything. All 10 episodes of season 1 are currently available for free, though season 2 is available through the BET+ app.
  • Medellin (2023) Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson plays the associate of a man with a plan to save his younger brother from the Medellín cartel. In the UK film, Tyson is known as the guy with the guns who is easily irritated. “I’m not f–g kidding, come on man,” he said in one scene before slapping two guys in the face.

Apple TV

  • The Snoopy Show (2021) Ahead of next week’s season-three premiere, catch up on season one of “The Snoopy Show,” as the iconic dog takes on new adventures with his best friend Woodstock and more of the “Peanuts” gang. The animated series also features other iconic characters such as Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Lucy van Pelt, Luis van Pelt and more.
  • Swagger (2021) O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of rapper Ice Cube, along with Mack Wilds star in the basketball drama inspired by Kevin Durant’s youth playing experience on the AAU team. The series executive produced by Durant and Reggie Rock Bythewood is set to return for its second season later this month on June 23.


  • Jackie Brown (1997) Actress Pam Grier played the leading lady in Quentin Tarantino’s film about a flight attendant with a criminal background who ends up flipping on her drug dealer to secure her own safety. But it was risky. “Jackie Brown” also features other notable actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro, Chris Tucker and more.
  • Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat (2002) This comedy special explores Lawrence’s road to success. As a special treat, it also features footage from the comedian’s show at the Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. He made jokes about his personal life, his career and other funny topics in front of a live audience.


  • The Cookout (2004) Imagine attending a family dinner with actors Jenifer Lewis and Frankie Faison, who play the parents of an aspiring athlete who just scored a major deal to play in the NBA. The film’s star-studded cast also includes Meagan Good, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule and more.
  • Notorious (2009) The film tells the story of Notorious B.I.G., the Brooklyn, New York kid who loved his mother but got mixed up with the drug-dealing streets he’d performed in previously as an up-and-coming artist. His love for fast money almost sent him to jail but a friend took the wrap for him so he wouldn’t have to do time. He went on to pursue a music career under Sean Diddy Combs. The movie also documents the impact of his death on the industry as well as the community in which he grew up.


  • Death at a Funeral (2007) The hilarious comedy starring Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan takes place at a funeral for a loved one. Chaos erupts in the dysfunctional family and among the group of friends as secrets are revealed and other family members are exposed for living a double life while married with children.
  • About Last Night (2014) Danny (Michael Ealy) goes out for a night of fun with a friend, but he ends up meeting a woman named Debbie (Joy Bryant) who turns his normal unstructured life upside down. A one-night stand goes from the bar to the bedroom to a full-blown relationship. She required more effort and support from him than he could give, after asking her to move in. Kevin Hart and Regina King portray other couples who bonded and found love after one night together.


  • All Eyez On Me (2017) John Singleton carefully wrote and produced this Tupac Shakur biopic about the late rapper’s life, career and shocking death. carefully wrote and produced this Tupac Shakur biopic about the late rapper’s life, career, and shocking death. Actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. portrayed the late icon while Kat Graham played Jada Pinkett Smith. Viewers will go on a journey from his childhood to the moment he was killed in a drive-by shooting.
  • Madea Film Series (2006-2012) Binge watch Tyler Perry’s early and funniest films this weekend. “Madea’s Family Reunion,” “Madea Goes to Jail,” “Madea’s Big Happy Family” and “Madea’s Witness Protection” all have been added to the streaming service. They feature some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Lynn Whitfield, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Teyana Taylor, Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe, Bow Wow and others.
  • “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Season 15) A sneak peek of the Bravo series airing on Sunday nights finds Marlo Hampton and Monyetta Shaw exchanging words after Hampton attempted to hit her with a door. Meanwhile, Kenya Moore has called the cops on Hampton for banging on her hotel room door while her daughter, Brooklyn, was sleeping on the other side. The new episode airs Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.


  • Brown Sugar (2002) Taye Diggs and Sanaa Lathan star as two old friends who share a bond through hip-hop music. They went from watching rap battles in the park to both getting jobs in the media and entertainment space 15 years later. He’s a music executive and she’s a music critic. In the end, they are reminded of why, when, where, and how they both fell in love with each other.
  • Man on Fire (2004) Denzel Washington is not one to mess with and he’s proven that in more than a few movies. But this action thriller finds him serving as the bodyguard of Dakota Fanning’s 9-year-old character. The two form a bond before she is kidnapped while in Mexico by a local gang. There’s even a cool scene of Washington appearing to walk through the fire.
  • Run the World (2023) Whitney is going through a sad spell after having a meeting with her ex-fiance about her infidelities. She was unable to put his mind at ease by sharing why she cheated after 10 years in the first place. But her friends Renee, Sondi and Hope are there to help her through it while battling their own personal struggles. A new episode is available on the Starz app now. It will air at 9 p.m. EST/PT in the U.S. on Starz.
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