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‘I’m His Cousin Too’: Bill Bellamy Says He Tired of People Forgetting That He and Shaquille O’Neal are Related

Actor Bill Bellamy revealed what it’s like being related to Shaquille O’Neal, and his explanation is nothing short of hilarious. 

During an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” the successful comedian recalled people’s initial reactions after they learned about his and the retired NBA legend’s family tree. When asked about his relation to Shaq, Bellamy shared that they are second cousins.

Bill Bellamy explains what it’s like being cousins to Shaquille O’Neal. (L) Bill Bellamy (Pictured: @billbellamy/Instagram) (R) Shaquille O’Neal (Pictured: @shaq/Instagram)

“There’s a thing why, people be tripping like he just my cousin,” Bellamy said. “Like I’m his cousin too! Right? Like, don’t it go both ways?”

Screaming in laughter, Hudson agreed to his comical statement and jokingly said, “Right! He ain’t just my cousin.”

An amped-up Bellamy then continued, saying, “People should be saying, ‘Yo Shaq, I can’t believe you Bill cousin.’” 

The audience was even more amused after the “Love Jones” star expressed that he was confused that folks are still unaware of their bloodline. The former “Last Comic Standing” host later shared that the two are related on his mother’s side.

“But the funny part, people forget that. I don’t know why people forget that like we’ve been family forever, like our whole lives,” he shared. “You don’t stop being cousins.”

Though Shaq’s an eminent athlete, Bellamy gave his cousin verbal flowers for all that he’s done off of the court since retirement in 2011.

“He is so cool, like, we’ve done so many great things together. And I’m just very proud of what he’s done after basketball like he is just – incredible, man,” said Bellamy.

Since stepping into the limelight in 1993, Shaq has made it clear that his talents stretch beyond dribbling a ball. The 7-foot-1 certified giant has lived many lives — from being a platinum-selling artist to a successful DJ under the moniker “DJ Diesel.” 

But, per Bellamy, one of Shaq’s most notable talents is being a special kind of comedian. 

“He’s super funny,” the 58-year-old said. “Like he’s super funny. Like people don’t realize it because you can’t really understand him when he talk.”

In typical humorist fashion, Bellamy decided to imitate his younger cousin by doing a muttering impression of him before confirming, “I know his heart, I know his heart.” 

He also went on to make a joke about Shaq’s physique.

“Shaq’s always been big,” Bellamy said. “He used to sit at the teacher’s table in school. The other kids was at the regular desk.”

Transforming back into his cousin’s behavior, Bellamy deepened his voice and slurred his words while recalling Shaq’s frequent statements in school, such as “ ‘One day, I’mma be something.’ ” 

Noting that his cousin might “kill” him after watching his impersonation, Bellamy urged Shaq to come on Hudson’s show, after sending love his way. 

Once the interview hit YouTube, many fans expressed their disbelief in this familial connection. 

“Shaq I Can’t Believe You Bill’s Cousin.”

“Real Talk Bill Bellamy !! Shaq is my cousin too !!” 

While this information may be new to some, the two men previously have collaborated on various projects together. 

Nearly 11 years ago, Bellamy accompanied comedians Cedric the Entertainer, Mo’Nique, D.L. Hughley, and more known icons on stage to roast Shaq for the 2002 “Platinum Comedy Series: Roasting Shaquille O’Neal.” 

Ironically, the actor was picked as the first person to begin cracking jokes about his cousin, who appeared next to him on stage, laughing hysterically.

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